Granada Trustees Approve Donation of Building to Camp Amache



John Hopper, of the Amache Preservation Society, approached the Granada Trustees with a request to relocate an historic building from the Camp Amache Detention Center from the town park back to the Amache site. Hopper said he has a pending grant from the National Park Service, but only a week or so to use it or it will expire, not to be renewed.

The building in question is the green storage building at the town park which now houses an older fire engine and some museum pieces. The Trustees made a motion and approved the donation of the building to Hopper.  He said, “Once this is done, there can be a team here in about two weeks to make an assessment of the building and how we can get it back to its original location at Camp Amache.” He explained that such a find is unique, given the number of structures that were originally at the site.  “This one has the original identity markings on the outside wall which makes it a pristine find.”

Hopper said the grant is $279,000 and suggested the Trustees determine what type of replacement structure they would like to see at the park. There were no specifics but some form of gazebo/shade structure was discussed.

Although there was discussion about the proposed water infrastructure project developed by GMS Associated which met with the Trustees earlier in the year, no action was taken on the proposal, due to limited funding in the town to support the venture. The town’s share of the project, even with a sizeable grant, would amount to $800,000 and amortized over 30 years with a zero percent loan, the town would have to raise utility rates substantially to afford to pay off the project.  Granada has just over 200 water meters and paying off the town’s share of the project would mean  raising the basic rate for service more than the Trustees would be comfortable doing.  The matter will be taken up again in the approaching year.

Replacing dated street lights with newer, energy-saving LED models is also a costly venture. John McMillan, town projects manager, told the Trustees he’s priced out lights that range between $175 to $190 per unit.  That report will also be carried over into 2017 pending available financing for the project.

In other matters, the Trustees made arrangements to provide signatures on city checks given Glenn Otto having assumed the position of mayor last month. With that change, there is an opening on the board and interested parties should submit a letter of interest to the town clerk’s office before the year’s end.  Christmas bonuses were approved for full and part-time town staff and S&S Fumigation had their contract renewed for 2017 with no change in fee.

By Russ Baldwin

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