Yoxsimer Announces Promotion in Rank in Marines

Staff Sergeant Douglas Paul Yoxsimer

Staff Sergeant Douglas Paul Yoxsimer

Word has been received from the United States Marine Corps that Douglas Paul Yoxsimer has been promoted to Staff Sergeant. The youngest son of Don and Cheryl Yoxsimer of Lamar and a 2007 graduate of Lamar High School, SSgt. Yoxsimer enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2008. During the past eight years, he has risen through the enlisted ranks of the Corps and has served tours of duty in Afghanistan, the South China Sea, and the Middle East.

Since graduation from Marine Corps Recruit Training Center (Boot Camp) in late 2008, SSgt. Yoxsimer’s primary MOS has been 7212 (Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner) and he has trained extensively to deploy Stinger Missiles and .50 caliber machine guns for close-in air and ground defense of  Marine Corps forward deployed Command and Control  Assets.   In addition, he is also a graduate of the Marine Corps School of Infantry-Infantry Training Battalion (SOI-ITB) and has a secondary MOS of 0311 (Rifleman).  This unusual combination of skill sets has allowed him the opportunity to become highly specialized in all aspects of fixed position and moving column security and defense.

As a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), SSgt. Yoxsimer advances to the level of career Marines serving in grades E-6 through E-9 (Staff Sergeant through Sergeant Major). Together they are responsible to the commanding officer for the welfare, morale, discipline, and efficiency of Marines in their charge.

The United States Marine Corps, though affiliated with the Navy, is considered one of four branches of the U.S. military. It dates its founding back to Nov. 10, 1775 in Philadelphia when Continental Marines were charged with fighting from the land and the sea. This year the Corps celebrates its 241st birthday and has approximately 182,000 active duty members throughout the world.

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