Dedication Ceremonies Held for New LCC Dorm

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While ceremonies for the laying of its cornerstone were underway Friday, July 29th, you could hear the whine of electric saws and an occasional hammer from inside Lamar Community College’s newest dorm, “Seven years in the making,” according to departing LCC President, John Marrin.

The cornerstone dedication was conducted under the auspices of Lamar Masonic Lodge #90 and members of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Colorado at the dorm site, just north of the older residence hall which was built in 1965. Junior Grand Steward, Ross Allen, used the name, “Prowers House” during his portion of the ceremonies for the dorm.  That was later confirmed in a humorous manner during remarks made by Anne-Marie Crampton, LCC Foundation Director, who initiated various fund raising activities and sought donations to reach the plateau of $1,250,000 to construct the new residence which will accommodate 31 students for the new fall semester.  The infrastructure for two additional dorms was pre-set on the campus earlier this spring during the first dorm’s construction.

Marrin noted there were five LCC presidents attending the ceremony besides himself and incoming president, Linda Lujan, “We have Jim Rizzuto from Otero Junior College, Bette Matkowski and Dr. Linda Bowman who are attending our ceremonies. We had contacted Dr. Marvin Lane who wanted to be here, but had a previous commitment.”  In a light manner, Marrin commented to President Lujan that the second dorm should only take two years to fund and construct.  He told the gathering that the new facility would be instrumental in allowing enrollment and financing for the college to grow and thrive, “Additional housing will be key to new enrollments and a means of better serving our students.”

Members of the Grand Masons outlined the earliest days of their order, from the construction of the pyramids and Babylonian era to the point where the cornerstone was fundamental to setting a true and accurate starting point for castles, cathedrals and major buildings through the centuries. A 100 year time capsule was placed behind the cornerstone which contained local media coverage of the new dorm as well as the names of the college’s faculty and staff and current municipal officials.

Anne-Marie Crampton, Foundation Executive Director, offered specific thanks to John Marrin and Foundation President, Norman Arends, for their efforts to develop funds for Prowers House, the official name of the new dorm, as well as scholarships and other means to benefit LCC students. “It wasn’t an easy decision to come to, the name of the new dorm, but it does reflect our home county and student atmosphere for future residents.  Other, future dorms, will be named to reflect our regional participation throughout southeast Colorado and our partners from Baca, Cheyenne and Kiowa Counties.”

President Lujan said her primary goal for the next several months will concentrate on getting to know members of the college staff, municipal leaders who take part in engaging the community in education, economic development and a collaborative effort to support southeast Colorado. “I researched the college and the communities while I was applying for the position.  Now that I’m here, I want to get to know all of you and have you get to learn about me.  I want to continue to build on the relationships the college has with the community, as well as management plans for LCC, the Foundation and some of the main drivers for the school, funding and enrollment.  I’m very happy to become a part of the community.”

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