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Kimmi Lewis registered as a Republican when she turned 18 and has served in many capacities in the Republican Party since that time. She is very conservative and dedicated, honest and hardworking.  She has a strong Christian background and strong family values and will serve to the best of her ability and her abilities are many.  She will faithfully serve House District 64.

Kimmi Lewis is very ardent in any type of work she does, whether it be in running the ranch, following up on current issues that affect the livelihood of not only her own family ranching business, and Agriculture in general, but, that of other sectors of business and economy. She is a strong believer in people having the ability to govern their own affairs; take care of their own property without government intervention with regulations that cause hardships and are not conducive to growth and economy.

Kimmi Lews is very good at gathering the facts on issues of importance. She studies and listens to others’ views and concerns, and, because she watches and listens, she has prevented some real hard core attempts at eminent domain and taking of other properties by actions of those who have power in Colorado and in Washington DC, namely, the Department of Defense, the National Park Service, EPA and The Nature Conservancy.

Kimmi Lewis will serve ALL constituents well, as she will be a visible force in all the issues that affect each and every one of the nine counties in the State House District 64. She will be a PRESENCE at meetings and discussions, along with voting, on issues that affect the district, unlike her opponent who does not show up at many of the meetings.  His voting record does not reflect an honest effort to serve ALL of House District 64; the record shows that he had a D average voting in the 2013 Session, 2014 Session, and, the 2015 Session; he now has a C- average voting in the 2016 Session, having a Primary opponent.  Kimmi will have a strong voting record for which her constituents will be proud.

Tim Dore was registered as a Democrat until he registered as a Republican in December of 2009, not in 2002, as he claimed in his interview in the Kiowa County Independent. His wife changed from Unaffiliated to Republican during Tim’s 2012 campaign.

Please join me in supporting KIMMI LEWIS as your Representative in House District 64; if you have not voted yet, or, if you are Unaffiliated and would like to be represented by someone who will work for all of House District 64.

Thank you.  Sincerely, Phyllis Nelson, Kiowa County farmer, and housewife.

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Korry Lewis
Campaign Chair
Committee to Elect Kimmi Lewis
P.O. Box 64
Las Animas, CO 81054
(719) 468-0713


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