CDOT Responds to Speeding Concerns in Bristol

Bristol Speed Sign

Bristol Speed Sign

Several weeks ago, the Prowers County Commissioners discussed several pages of petitions submitted by Bristol residents concerned about speeders passing through their town along US 385. Several letters from interested parties were also noted by the commissioners regarding those concerns and had been mailed to CDOT officials as well.

The commissioners noted a letter from CDOT on April 1st, stating that action had been taken to address the safety concerns of the residents to a certain level.  The letter states, “In response to those concerns, we completed several changes to the highway signing in January of this year in order to enhance the conspicuity of the 35-mph speed zone.  We increased the size of the existing speed limit signs, we installed additional speed limit signs, we added red flags to the speed limit signs and we installed ‘reduced speed limit ahead’ warning signs.  In addition, the State Patrol has worked several team operations in Bristol in the last three months, as well as in conjunction with the Sheriff’s office to step up speed enforcement.  The CSP has also worked with their motor carrier unit on truck enforcement in the town and it is my understanding the Sheriff’s office has also placed a radar speed feedback trainer in the town.”

Two additional requests, to broaden the area of the 35-mph stretch on the highway on either side of the town and for installation of flashing lights for speed limit signs were not acted upon, but could be in the future. The letter from CDOT officials was also sent to state representative Tim Dore for his attention.  The officials stated that they felt increased patrols along the highway would have more of an impact reducing speeds to a safe limit than extra signage.  The letter explained that a formal speed study of the area would have to be conducted before the position of the signs could be changed.  It further explained that the commissioners would have to sign a letter of understanding with CDOT before making the study and acknowledge that the findings would be final and non-negotiable.

By Russ Baldwin

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