City Cites More Derelict House Removals

Derelict House on North 11th Street

Derelict House on North 11th Street

Several more derelict houses have been identified for future demolition by the Lamar City Council. A resolution was passed during a meeting on March 14th to demolish three abandoned houses at 500, 502 and 504 North 11th Street.

North 11th Demolition (2)

Notices of the pending removal has been posted on each of the three houses and from their appearance they have been absent of any inhabitants for some time. As they constitute both an eye sore on the neighborhood and a public safety issue, they were selected for eradication.  No specific date has been given at this point, as the city takes steps to insure that adequate notification to the property owners has been rendered.  Sometimes, the hardest part of the process is identifying who owns the land and if there are any liens attached to the property.

North 11th Demolition (1)

As a part of the legal process, the city gives the owners thirty days’ notice to demolish or remove the structures on their own before the city takes action on the land. The cost of removal is assessed against the said real property once the request for action has cleared the Prowers County Court.

By Russ Baldwin

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