Colorado Beef Council hosts members of Colorado School Nutrition Association for an industry farm tour

DENVER (June 27, 2024) – The Colorado Beef Council (CBC) hosted 18 members from the Colorado School Nutrition Association (CSNA) for an industry farm tour where they were able to talk to industry leaders and see first hand the lifecycle of beef cattle. The tour was one of several presession activities before their annual convention.

The tour provided attendees with an up close look at the beef production process, covering everything from the cow-calf stage to the feed yard segment. Stops on the tour included the Walter Angus Ranch and the Five Rivers – Kuner Feedyard. Throughout the tour, participants had the chance to speak with cattle producers, ask questions, and learn about the use of science behind breeding, animal care and nutrition.

At the Walter Angus Ranch, attendees experienced the cow-calf operation in close detail. They engaged directly with cattle producers, asking questions and learning about the meticulous planning and dedication that go into daily ranch activities. This portion of the tour highlighted the care and effort involved in the early stages of beef production.

The tour then moved to the Five Rivers Kuner Feedyard, where participants gained insights into animal nutrition. They examined various types of feed and learned about the scientific principles guiding each stage of the feeding cycle. This portion of the tour emphasized animal nutrition and showcased the advanced methods employed to ensure the health and well-being of the cattle.

“It was amazing to see the care and thought that goes into raising the animals,” said an attendee from a local school district. “It is clear that the farmers and ranchers put a lot of thought into what they are doing.”

According to the post-tour survey, the average attendee had never been on a farm tour. Of this, 100% of the participants who responded reported a positive change in their perception of the beef industry. The tours have been particularly effective in fostering interest among participants in connecting with local beef farmers and ranchers in their areas.

This was the first time CBC has partnered with The Colorado School Nutrition Association for an industry farm tour. This opportunity came to fruition at a past farm tour when members of CSNA were able to attend one of CBC’s farm tours and found immense value in the information it could provide for school nutrition programs. CBC looks forward to its continued partnership and support of CSNA.

The CBC began organizing farm tours several years ago with the goal of bridging the gap between consumers and beef producers. By offering immersive experiences, CBC allows health professionals and consumers to gain direct knowledge about beef production, as well as the families and communities involved. This exposure aims to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beef industry, ultimately leading to more informed and positive perceptions among consumers. Initiatives such as the farm tour help bring a true understanding to the consumer of the beef industry and in turn develop their trust and confidence in the products that they bring to their tables.


About the Colorado Beef Council

The Colorado Beef Council (CBC) manages demand and consumer confidence building programs for Colorado’s $3.4 Billion beef industry.  CBC operates under the guidance of its Board of Directors who are appointed by the Governor of the state of Colorado and represent the cattle raiser, cattle feeder, dairy, beef distributor, beef marketer, and beef processor segments of the industry.

Funded by the $1 per head beef checkoff assessment on all cattle sold in the state, CBC retains half of each dollar collected for state level education, nutrition, marketing/promotion, and communication programs and forwards the other half to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board for national level programs.  USDA-Ag Marketing Service provides oversight for all CBB and CBC programs, services, and business activities.  For more information, visit


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