Lamar Utilities Board Meeting May 28, 2024

Minutes from the May 14 meeting were approved unanimously, as was the approval of purchase orders totaling $530,811.44 and payment of bills in the amount of $715,20.83

Board President Doug Thrall read a thank-you note sent from Carisma Gass, one of this year’s scholarship winners, in which she thanked the department for their generosity, saying that it will help with her college expenses.

Six bids for a heater and A/C upgrade for the office were previously submitted.  This is a budgeted item to replace the current system.  The upgrade also includes high-efficiency condensers and evaporator units.  The staff recommendation was to accept the low bid from Parker Heat and Air in the amount of $29,498 with a delivery date of approximately June 7.  The board voted unanimously to accept this bid.

Also submitted for Board approval was a bid from Bell Lumber and Pole to purchase 45 40-foot Class II western red cedar poles to replenish stock inventory.  The bid from Bell Lumber was the lowest bid at $60,570.  5 bids had been submitted.

The April 2024 Financial Report showed no significant changes to the balance sheet. Cash is down $201,280 from March and accounts receivable increased by $131,452.  The Income Statement showed a total operating revenue for the month at $1,104,717 and operating costs of $1,118,994, resulting in a gross operating loss of $14,277.  When non-operating revenues and expenses are taken into account, there is a net loss for the month of $233,210.  The YTD income statement shows operating revenues for the year of $4,446,434 and total operating costs are $4,019,146 resulting in gross operating income of $427,288.  When non-operating revenues and expenses are taken into consideration, there is a a net loss of $223,783 year to date.  Compared to last year, retail sales are up approximately $42,487 (1%).  Overall operating expenses are up approximately $290,364 (8%), resulting in a net loss of $223,783 for the year.

In Superintendent Hourieh’s System Operating Report, the board was informed that the wind turbine crew has completed the semi-annual maintenance program on all 5 turbines per GE’s guidelines.  With GE Wind on site, there was a generator bed plate inspection on all 5 turbines.  The inspection is to find any cracks or fractures in the bedplate of the entire nacelle.  With SD Myers on site, the substation and line crew completed the annual system transformer oil testing.  The oil testing checks for dissolved gases and moisture content in the transformer oil and included particle count in load tap changers.  The testing included substations, wind turbines and all major transformers in our distribution system.  The line crew also replaced a wooden pole which failed testing north of the Cow Palace on the SW 25kv circuit.  For added strength, it was replaced with a 40 ft. class II ductile iron pole The crew also installed a 60 ft class II wooden pole with six 1500W metal halide light fixtures at the Yellow ball field.  The pole and light fixtures were damaged May 1 due to a wind storm.


By Barbara Crimond

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