Ballot information for June 25, 2024 Election

Election News:

Ballots will be sent out to all active registered electors during the week of June 3-7, 2024 for the June 25, 2024 Election. Sample Ballots are posted on the Prowers County website at under Election Department.


  • You will have Primary ballot content and Congressional District 4 Vacancy election candidates on the same ballot. Be sure to check both sides of the ballot as there is content on both sides.


  • You will receive a ballot that ONLY contains the Congressional District 4 Vacancy candidates.


  • You will receive two ballots in your packet, one Democratic ballot and one Republican ballot.
  • Choose ONLY ONE of those ballots to vote. Discard the ballot that you do not fill out.
  • Place your ONE voted ballot in the return envelope.
  • Returning both voted ballots will disqualify all of your votes.
  • Sign the backside of your return envelope in order for your ballot to


  • Your choice of ballot to vote in this election will not affiliate you with that political party. However, it will be public record for which ballot you voted, but not who you voted for.


We encourage you to return your voted ballot as soon as possible to 301 S. Main St., Ste. 210, Lamar, CO 81052 or use the ballot drop box located in the parking lot east side of the county courthouse building which is open 24/7.

Prowers County Clerk’s Office, Election Department will be open Saturday, June 22, 2024 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. for ballot drop off, replacement ballots, or to register to vote.

Elections Department contact information: 719-336-8011,

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