April Cheyenne County 4-H Council News

April Cheyenne County 4-H Council News

(Cheyenne Wells, Colo.) On April 8, 2024, the Cheyenne County 4-H council held a meeting in the Kit Carson
School’s flex area. There were 12 youth present: five members from Happy Go Lucky, five from Sand Creek, and two
from Old Wells. The meeting was called to order at 6:39 p.m. Rock-paper-scissors games were played as a Spark
activity. Spark activities are played to move people around, so they sit by a new person each meeting. The pledge of
allegiance was led by Kenzie Brossman, and the 4-H pledge was led by Kendra Wendt.

After the pledges, minutes were read and approved. Treasurer Nicolae Anderson read the bills that needed to be
paid, and it was debated whether to transfer the bills to another account or just pay them. It was decided that they
would just be paid. Addison Engelbrecht gave a report on LDC. Leader Advisor John Engelbrecht advocated his idea
to host a show shirt thrift store.

Happy Go Lucky conveyed that painting the grandstands was considered at their meeting as a community
service project. Old Wells mentioned that they had their bake sale, and Sand Creek shared that they had finalized their
cat and dog clinic at their last meeting.

Following the club reports, attendees were divided into two committees. One debated the window painting
contest at the fair, and the other discussed the Celebrity Pig Show. The window painting group decided that a
business/person must be entered into the contest by June 28; and votes had to be cast for the best painting by July 15.
They also shared their ideas for advertising the contest to get the word to more people in the community. The Celebrity
Pig Show committee proposed their ideas to lower the minimum age to 15 years old. It was also suggested that the
contest would be advertised at the Nut Fry. The awards and prize money were shared, and so were judges, nominations,
and the recipient for the funds that came from nominations.

Fair committees were also addressed; with Happy Go Lucky in charge of taking down the flags and animal
silhouettes after fair, Sand Creek responsible for finding an auctioneer for the bake sale, and Old Wells tasked with
bank clerk and account for check distribution. Following fair committees, mock interviews were discussed.

Lacey Taylor recognized and gave gifts to the seniors who are graduating this year: Lindsey Mayhan, Addison
Engelbrecht, Gracieana Smith, and Shaylee Scheler. The meeting was then adjourned at 7:44 p.m. Then, members all
took a group photo with their purple shirts on to support military children; and then another one with their brand new
council jackets.

By: Chesnee Halde

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