Lamar City Council Meeting of March 11, 2024

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All Council members were present for the meeting of March 11, 2024.  Mayor Kirk Crespin told Council that he was adding a second executive session following the regular meeting to discuss personnel matters.  He also wanted to remind Lamar residents that watering restrictions would soon be in place and that there are several free dump weekends coming up.  He said the Parks Department has been very busy getting the parks ready for the spring and summer.

Council approved minutes from the meeting of 2/26/24 and also minutes from the Utility Board from 2/13/24, The Library Board from 1/17/24, the Airport Board from 7/26/23 and 10/18/23 and multiple Water Board minutes from meetings ranging from 2/3/23 to 2/8/24.

Liquor license renewals were approved for Safeway Store #1721 at 906 E. Olive Street for its Fermented Malt Beverage and Wine license, JR’s Country Store at 1115 N. Main Street for its Fermented Malt Beverage and Wine license and Corner Liquor, LLC at 1201 S. Main Street for its Retail Liquor Store License.

City Treasurer Kristin Schwartz told Council that the city’s SLI grant was approved and the amount granted should be announced soon.

City Clerk Linda Williams reported on the Sales and Use Tax Report.  February of 2024 saw an increase in sales and use tax of 14.78% compared to February of 2023.  Totals for February of 2024 were $409,171.49 compared to last February’s total of $356, 487.49 (an increase of $52,684.00).  Taxes collected year-to-date were $1,005,572.14, an increase of 8.62% over last year’s $925,738.90 (a difference of $79,833.24).

City Administrator Rob Evans made several announcements.  The CML Conference will be June 18-21 in Loveland.  Groundbreaking for the new Lamar High School stadium, located at 14th St. south of Yucca will be on March 18, 2024 at 5:00 PM.  The next Coffee with Rob events will be March 20 at 7 AM at Daylight Donuts and again on March 21 at 7 AM at Brew Unto Others.   Improvements have been made to the parking area at Escondido Park which, he said, will make a big difference in dust control.   He reminded Council that the annual Prowers Economic Prosperity Banquet will be held March 21 in Holly.  The search for the new Chief of Police is ongoing and he mentioned that they have “a couple of applications” for the position but will report new findings as he gets them.   After the Administrator’s presentation, discussion by Board members revolved around the issue of pets at the city soccer and baseball fields and the problem with dog owners not picking up their pet’s waste.  Since local children and older students play on these fields, it is imperative that the areas be kept clean.  Persons who allow their dogs to walk or play in these areas were urged to clean up after their pets.  Mr. Evans was asked for additional signage and dog waste stations to be installed at these areas and he said he would make sure this is done.  Councilwoman Gerry Jenkins urged citizens to please keep their dogs leashed or in fenced yards as well, having recently witnessed a small dog being hit and killed by a car and wanted to remind people to be aware of their pets’ whereabouts at all times to hopefully help avoid this tragedy.

Mayor Crespin spoke about the Crossroads Horizon project, which is the City of Lamar’s 10-year Comprehensive Plan and wanted to address the inquiries by citizens as to why he hasn’t attended all of the meetings for same.  He explained that this plan is “110% about what the community wants” and felt that by him being present it would perhaps skew opinions or ideas.  He stressed that “we’re here to listen to the community” and urged the people of Lamar to get involved and let their ideas and opinions be heard, so that years from now people aren’t saying “The City Council just doesn’t listen to us.”   Information about upcoming meetings to discuss the project is available on the City’s Facebook page or by calling city offices.

Councilman Joe Gonzales announced the upcoming Ice Breaker Scramble at Spreading Antlers Golf Course on March 23.  Men’s and women’s teams are urged to sign up.  He then told Council about an article he recently saw that was about a city who partnered with local hotels to offer their guests vouchers for a free round of golf.  The golf course would then present the used vouchers to the city to be reimbursed.  Council felt this was a good idea and one worth pursuing, as it could provide increased revenue to the city by enticing people to come here to play golf and in turn spend money here.

Councilwoman Jenkins wanted to give a shout-out to the Lamar Fire Auxiliary Bake Sale volunteers, who raised enough money to purchase 2 chairlifts for the city ambulances.

Ordinance #1272 “An Ordinance Amending Article II of Chapter Six of the Lamar Municipal Code to Adopt the 2018 Edition of the ‘International Residential Code’ with Amendments” was passed by unanimous vote upon its second reading.

In New Business, a public hearing was scheduled for March 25 to discuss a special event permit for the Lamar Chamber of Commerce Cinco De Mayo event which is to be held May 4 from 11 am to 10 pm at the Enchanted Forest.   Council awarded the bid for swimming pool shower repairs to Taylor Septic and Plumbing, who submitted the lowest bid.  The bid exceeded the amount allocated for the project in this year’s budget, but the project is considered urgent, so Council will adjust budget amounts to cover the overage.

The meeting then adjourned for Council to hold their two executive sessions.  The next regularly-scheduled meeting will be Monday, March 25, 2024 at 7 PM.

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