Lamar Utility Board Meeting February 13, 2024

The Board of Lamar Utilities meet for a regularly-scheduled meeting at noon on February 13, 2024.  Minutes from the January 23 meeting were approved.  Purchase orders #92745-92810 totaling $1,046,097.95 were approved with Board member Roger Stagner abstaining from the vote.  Also approved was payment of bills totaling $347,933.21, again with Board member Stagner abstaining.   Bid #2038 (Raptor Protection and Line Materials) was unanimously approved, with Western United submitting the lowest bid.

The System Operating Report included wind turbine generation data for 2023, showing that Lamar’s three wind turbines have generated 11,586.20 MWH’s of electricity.  This is about 7.73% lower than what was generated in 2022.  The turbines have an average capacity factor of 25.33%, which is lower than last year by about 6.04%.  Since the turbines were installed in 2003, 2010 was the best year, followed by 2008 and the third-best year was 2020.   With Integrated Power Systems on site, the crew completed the replacement of T-4’s front and rear generator bearings.   The line crew also completed the installation of 2,240 ft. of 3 phase 24.9kv overhead line extension.  This line extension will power 2-75HP water pumps for Prowers Aggregates, located north of the intersection of CR HH.8 and CR 9.5.

City Administrator Rob Evans asked the Board for a favor for the City of Lamar. The recent car/pedestrian accident in front of the Community Building prompted the city to ask the Light and Power Department to look at lighting around the Community Building and make improvements.  Superintendent Houssin Hourieh said that an assessment would be made the same evening and lighting will be improved, whether it be installing an additional street light mid-block on 6th Street, adding light fixtures attached to the building shining onto the street or whatever else was necessary to make the area safer.  He assured Mr. Evans that the department would do an assessment around the entire block.

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