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January 4, 2024

Lamar RE-2 Celebrates Board Member Recognition Month

Lamar, CO – As January unfolds, Lamar RE-2 takes a moment to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to our dedicated School Board members during Board Member Recognition Month. This annual observance serves as an opportunity for our community to acknowledge the tireless efforts and commitment of these individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in our district.

Our School Board members – Lanie Myers-Mireles, Shannon O’Bryan, Jerrod Grice, Jake Chamberlain, Cody Laughlin, Rick Robbins, and Travis Hall – consistently go above and beyond their duties, contributing countless hours to support and enhance the educational experience for our students. Their visionary leadership, strategic decision-making, and unwavering dedication are instrumental in driving Lamar RE-2 towards excellence.

Our School Board members have demonstrated exceptional resilience, adaptability, and compassion in navigating through uncertain times. Their commitment to student success, equity, and community engagement has been a guiding force in ensuring that every child in our district has the opportunity to thrive.

Dr. Chad Krug, Superintendent, expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire district, stating, “Our School Board members are true advocates for the students, families, and staff of Lamar RE-2. Their selfless service and commitment to educational excellence make a lasting impact on our community. We are very thankful for their tireless efforts and leadership.”

As we celebrate Board Member Recognition Month, Lamar RE-2 encourages our community members, parents, students, and staff to join us in expressing thanks to our School Board members. Consider sending a note of appreciation, creating artwork, or using the hashtag #SchoolBoardMonth on social media to share your gratitude.

Lamar RE-2 extends its sincerest thanks to our School Board members for their exceptional service, dedication, and advocacy for quality education. Together, we look forward to continuing the journey of providing an enriching and empowering educational experience for all.

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