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Amache Preservation Society Receives Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award

In a special ceremony, the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) awarded the Amache Preservation Society (APS) with the 2022 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award.

The APS has played a pivotal role at Amache in Colorado, also known as the Granada Relocation Center, which served as an incarceration site for Japanese Americans during World War II. Thanks to the dedication of the APS, along with Amache survivors, descendants, and other advocates in partnership with NPCA, President Biden signed the Amache National Historic Site Act into law in March of 2022. As a new addition to the National Park System, the site will keep this significant piece of history alive while honoring the people who were unjustly imprisoned.

“It is a privilege to work alongside the extraordinary leaders and volunteers at the Amache Preservation Society and honor their work today with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award,” said Theresa Pierno, President and CEO of the National Parks Conservation Association. “APS Founder John Hopper and the organization’s incredible students have worked tirelessly for decades to keep the stories of Amache alive. Through their perseverance to protect Amache as a national park site, APS has helped create a place where generations of learning, reflection, and healing can continue.”

“The Amache Preservation Society students led by Mr. John Hopper are a model and inspiration for this country’s progress in telling a more representative story,” said Mitch Homma, Amache descendant and Amache Alliance President. “They have taught and changed a town, region, and nation about an almost forgotten historical and cultural site. My family and I are honored that this heroic work will be forever preserved and protected in the National Park System and see much promise for the future ahead.”

Established in 1986, NPCA’s annual Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award honors individuals who go to great lengths to advocate and fight for the protection of our national parks. Named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a life-long advocate for Everglades National Park, the award recognizes the outstanding efforts of an individual or group that result in the protection of a national park or proposed site in the National Park System.


City of Lamar Approves Sidewalk Funding

Sidewalk Construction at LCC, Ft Bent Canal Bridge

The council ratified approval of Resolution 23,03-01 for the CDOT TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) grant and the submission of the draft application.  Lamar is asking for $2,484,089 to complete sidewalks, curb and gutter along Savage Avenue and connecting the sidewalks and curb and gutter on South 8th, 9th and Main Street’s west side from Savage Avenue to Park Street.  The city will provide matching funds amounting to $621,023 after approval for the three-year grant is received.  In-kind work is accepted in the match.

By Russ Baldwin


Housing Available in Granada

Duplexes on CottonWood

Two- and three-bedroom duplexes are now available for rent in Granada, just off Cottonwood Street, adjacent to the town park and the county’s Overflow Mail Processing Center.  An open house was held March 20th by SECED, Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development, which has spearheaded several housing construction projects in several counties for over a year.

There are seven units available, each with two bathrooms and offer 1,126 square feet for the two bedroom model and 1,300 for the three bedroom unit and they are equipped with various amenities including microwave, dishwasher, dryer, disposal, air and heat, stove and oven, refrigerator, washer, pantry and are also pet-friendly.  SECED Executive Director, Stephanie Gonzales was on hand along with Prowers County Commissioners, Ron Cook and Tom Grasmick as well as Cheryl Sanchez, Executive Director of Prowers Economic Prosperity and Tallie Harmon, PEP Project Manager.  Sanchez said if anyone takes a lease on a residence before April 1st, there is a $500 concession.

There is also new housing for sale in Granada.  On the south side of the railroad tracks, along Broderick and First Streets, new housing is also on offer with a three-bedroom unit with unattached garage and a quarter acre lot.  Although two houses have been constructed, there is space in-between for two more units and according to Grasmick, the lots are priced at $5,000 each.  SECED at 336-3850 can provide additional details.

Granada has been experiencing some recent growth in housing development and the town has plans to replace its aging water infrastructure system as well as upgrades to the town’s main water tower.
By Russ Baldwin



Mykinthia Ebron of Lamar, Miss Colorado Contestant

Mykinthia Ebron

Mykinthia Ebron has been very busy for the past several months, preparing to represent the Lamar community in Greeley, Colorado this July for the annual Miss Colorado USA Pageant.

“I’m looking forward to this experience as well as for the opportunity to represent my on-going focus on children and foster families in particular,” she explained recently for The Prowers Journal.  Ebron said she is one of 50 contestants who will vie for the winning votes during the July 14th-16th pageant.  “The contest will narrow the 50 down to just 10 or perhaps 16, it hasn’t been made specific at this point.”

Ebron, who has been an employee of both KVAY and KLMR in a news and sports announcing capacity, is currently working for the City of Lamar for the past 18 months.  “I’ve been seeking sponsorships to offset the costs of the pageant and I’ve raised $1,100 for the registration requirements.  Right now, I’m using money I’ve saved from my salary for the expenses in July, but extra donations will really be appreciated at this point for the hotel, transportation and other costs associated with the three days,” she explained.  Those wishing to help can contact her through her personal email at  Ebron has been assisted by 29 different businesses in the Lamar area and they will have representation during the pageant.

Should Mykinthia win, she says she’ll use her year to represent Lamar and Colorado, as well as use her background experience to continue to promote for foster families and child care.  “It would be wonderful to be able to address these issues on a national platform,” she said.  If she wins, Mykinthia will begin to prepare to represent Colorado in the national Miss USA Pageant.
By Russ Baldwin


PEP Annual Meeting Highlights Local Businesses


Shane and Tori Hawks with Cheryl Sanchez

Three area businesses were highlighted for their achievements during the March 23rd Prowers Economic Prosperity annual meeting, held at Las Brisas Restaurant in Lamar.

PEP Executive Director, Cheryl Sanchez presented Shane and Tori Hawks of Stampede Services in Wiley with the Rising Star award for their contribution to the economy and workforce of the area for the past five years of their operation.

Stagners with Anne Marie Crampton

PEP President, Anne Marie Crampton awarded the Family/Business Longevity to Roger and Leslie Stagner for maintaining a multi-purpose business to the area in car and tire sales and automotive repair.  Stagner Incorporated has been in operation on North Main Street in Lamar since 1962.

Tallie Harmon and Don Compton

Tallie Harmon, PEP Project Coordinator, presented Don Compton with the ‘Investing for the future of Prowers County’ award for his operations which employ over 30 persons and for making a major economic impact on the county.  Compton owns and operates the Pit Stop as well as Patty’s Potties, the Wiley C Store, Rivals and the Olive Street Station.  While accepting the award, Compton stated, “Never underestimate the talents of your local workforce.”
By Russ Baldwin




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