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Thunder Stadium and Press Box



Lamar Seeking Best Option for New Sports Stadium

For the better part of a year, the Lamar Re-2 School Board has given a lot of thought to renovating the current football and track stadium, pondering three options while striving to maintain a level of historical preservation for the main wall of the complex located between Pearl and Park Streets.

Most recently, the board has discussed creating a brand-new facility adjacent to the Lamar High School which would greatly improve the longevity factor while allowing Thunder Stadium to be repurposed for sports activities for younger students.  A good portion of the land would be on county property, while the district has about 40 acres for the proposed project, including the current high school parking lot.  “The County has been very accommodating with us on our land use concept,” explained, Dr. Chad Krug, Re-2 District Superintendent who said he’s had discussion on the project with the Prowers County Commissioners.

The board called a special session to meet with architects from Hutton Construction, the firm that proposed the initial three options this past Wednesday, May 10th.  Hutton laid out two options for a new facility for consideration, based on comparable facilities in use in Brush, Colorado.
By Russ Baldwin




2023 Amache Pilgrimage Weekend

The Nikkeijin Kai of Colorado with the Amache Preservation Society and the Friends of Amache will gather in Granada for the 2023 Amache Pilgrimage weekend, on Saturday, May 20th.

Each year surviving members of those who were incarcerated in Granada at Camp Amache during World War 2, return to the site to pay their respects and to witness the latest preservation efforts for Amache, one of ten such camps in the U.S.  Amache is said to be one of the smallest from that time, but efforts by the Amache Preservation Society have enabled it to be recognized as the richest in historical preservation, both of artifacts and personal records.

Visitors are scheduled to arrive at 11am on Saturday for the Memorial Ceremony.  A potluck lunch will be served at 12:30pm at the Granada High School which will be followed by Judge Gogo flag signing in the gym.  A tour of the site and/or museum is set for 2pm with a return to Denver at 2:30pm by those who journeyed via bus.

Individuals may visit the site on May 19th with a 3pm archaeology tour beginning at the camp entrance and a 6pm meeting is set for the Granada Community Center for Amache presentation.  The self-visit tour options include a 9am meeting at the entrance kiosks on the 20th for a visit of the barracks or a self-tour and participation in the 11am Pilgrimage and potluck lunch.
By Russ Baldwin




Council Selects Mike Duffy for Ward One Council Seat

The Lamar City Council, following a work session interview period, selected Mike Duffy to replace former member, Anne-Marie Crampton for Ward One following Crampton’s resignation earlier this spring.

Duffy took his oath of office to complete Crampton’s term of office expiring at the end of 2023 or until the November General Election.

Councilman Manuel Tamez was elected as Mayor Pro-Tem, replacing Anne-Marie Crampton on the council following her resignation earlier this spring.  Crampton also served as council liaison to PEP, the council insurance committee and Colorado Municipal League Policy Committee and Mayor Kirk Crespin said the council will review the current liaison positions to determine future replacements.  Crespin noted Lamar has been chosen to host a CML conference this September.



Anna Mae and George Gotto, Parade Royalty

2023 Lamar Days Royalty, George and Anna Mae Gotto

Mae (Anna Mae) and I met at CSU in 1964 and as she describes it, she brought me home to Prowers County for new blood.  We were married November 27, 1965, the happiest day of my life. I enlisted in the Army in December of 1965 and began my military career at Fort Bliss in El Paso, the most frightening day of my life, and graduated from boot camp eight weeks later (the proudest day of my life).  After advanced training I was sent to Germany.  Mae was finally able to join me and we lived in Germany for about two years.  Our first year of wedded bliss we were together just over four weeks and I am convinced that is the secret of our marriage lasting for 58 years.

2023 will be my 40th year as Santa Claus, started before I turned white headed and used shoe polish to color my beard.  Don’t know how many children I’ve seen but in the last ten years between 15 and 20 thousand, approximately 2,000 per season.  now seeing children and grandchildren of my original kids.  DO NOT charge anyone.  All children should be able to sit in Santa’s lap without concern of cost.  Some people and orgs insist on paying and I suggest they make a donation to a local charity; hospice seems to be a favorite.  Don’t know why it’s so hard for some folks to accept with just a sincere thank you.  We all need to learn to receive graciously as well and give generously.    Have worn out several suits over the years, think I have six or seven now.




Lamar/PEP Expanding Regional Funding Opportunities

The City of Lamar and Prowers Economic Prosperity will contract for economic development consulting with James Cisneros.  He will be tasked to recruit additional business opportunities, primarily in partnership with identified tribal governments such as the Ute and Southern Ute tribes from the southwestern area of Colorado.  The goal is to develop permanent full-time jobs and increase commercial investments, particularly additional residential housing developments.  The agreement is for a total of $25,000 with PEP contributing $10,000 to the salary. Mayor Crespin explained the one-year contract payment will be based on performance.  “Projects of this nature receive a lot of federal funding and we’ve had tribal representatives in Lamar investigating potential development sites,” he explained.  City Treasurer, Kristin Schwartz added the city has adequate funding in its economic developing budget to cover the compensation.

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