Letter to the Editor: Kate Greenberg, CDA


As the end of the year approaches, we are preparing to say goodbye to our long time Brands Commissioner, Chris Whitney, as he enters retirement. Chris has led the Brands Division for the last twelve years, with its many hard-working inspectors in all regions of the state, with calm practicality and dedication to the highest standards of service. We are currently in the process of hiring for our next Brand Commissioner and look forward to introducing them to you when that time comes.

I am also delighted to announce two new leaders at CDA: Amanda Laban has joined us as our new Markets Division Director, and farmer Robert Sakata is joining the team as CDA’s first-ever Ag Water Advisor. Read on below for more about Robert and Amanda and how they will help advance Colorado agriculture.

And keep your eye out for more exciting job opportunities at CDA, including two new Climate Marketing Specialists and two more Regional Assistant Commissioners, all new positions at CDA.

We know agriculture and our food system are up against a lot. So, at CDA, we’re working hard every day to make it easier for the next generation to farm and ranch; for families to access safe and healthy food; for agriculture to build water resilience; and to support the health and welfare of Colorado’s herd.

That’s why this year we have proposed a historic budget to the legislature to advance our ability to support you. Read more about our historic proposal here.

Finally, looking back on 2023, there is so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for the partnerships across our state that drive Colorado agriculture to be its best.

Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season.

In gratitude,
Commissioner Kate Greenberg

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