Letter To the Editor: Facts vs Rumors on Proposed Stadium

Sorry for the long read, but I feel if someone doesn’t post the truth, all that remains out there are non-facts posted by folks who don’t show up to a single open meeting or even bother making a phone call to the district to find out.
My name is Jake Chamberlain. I’m a Lamar RE-2 board member.  I want to comment on the stadium, but I first need to be clear that my comments do not represent the views or opinion of the board.  I’m merely stating my opinion.
There are lots of accusations being thrown around about the stadium that are simply not true.  For example, I just read a comment that we’re only using out of town contractors and no locals.  This is absolutely false.  The bidding process is underway currently.  The only contractor that has been selected is the construction manager at risk, aka the general contractor.  The general contractor is not local, that is true.  When we put this job out for bid, not one local contractor submitted a bid.  We selected Hutton construction who will manage the entire project.  Hutton, has already reached out to multiple local contractors about different pieces of the project and local contractors will be used as much as possible and where it makes sense.  On a major project like this, in some cases, local contractors don’t meet the qualifications required.  In many cases, they do.  It also depends on whether or not local contractors even submit a bid.
Also, this new stadium is not about our mascot change and it’s definitely not about keeping up with the Jones.
For me, what it IS about is:

1. What our new stadium will do for our students and how having it at the high school gives us opportunities to use the stadium in new and creative ways for both students and athletes alike.

2. It’s about a bigger vision for what the campus can be, especially with the possibility of a combined school setting in the future.  Most stadiums are right at or next to a high school, it just makes sense to put it there.
3. It’s about fixing a long-standing parking issue.  There will be plenty of parking and access.
4. Having access from 14th street will be huge.
5. It will be up to today’s codes and building standards.
6.  At our current stadium, we’re essentially landlocked as there’s nowhere to grow.
7. The soccer athletes would get to play in the same stadium that the football team plays on.
8. Since we’re going with turf, there will be no irrigation needs or mowing of the field which is a huge deal.
9. In the interest of fixing our current stadium the right way, we need to take the time to invest in going after funding and grants to restore that stadium the right way.
10. Until an event happens where we potentially combine middle and high school as is being asked in the survey, the current stadium will meet our middle school game needs.
All I’m asking is before you share and spread someone else’s untruths, call the school district, reach out to a board member, do a little research. You might be surprised to find out the reasons.
I’m just one board member and these are my personal views.


Jake Chamberlain
Lamar, CO

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