Trent Leisy Announces Campaign Against Rep. Ken Buck


“Make Colorado Great Again”

WINDSOR, Colorado – Trent Leisy, a thirty-year resident of Windsor, Colorado, announced his campaign against Rep. Ken Buck on October 18 as an “America First” candidate. On X, formerly known as Twitter, Leisy has reached over 2.74 million people from across the country since his announcement and has gained over 7,000 followers since then.

On October 20, Leisy held two events outside of Ken Buck’s offices in Castle Rock and Windsor for his campaign and in support of Rep. Jim Jordan. Over 30 people showed up for Leisy’s event in Windsor. Buck’s staff introduced themselves and took questions from the crowd, where Leisy exposed Buck’s claims of being evicted as false. Leisy was also interviewed by Denver 7 at the event.

On October 22, Leisy held a well-attended kick-off campaign event in Loveland with former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones headlining the event. Leisy’s Sunday kick-off attracted nearly 100 people.

Trent Leisy has been endorsed by several prominent political figures and influencers such as American civil rights attorney and talk radio host Leo Terrell, former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, media personality and Real America’s Voice host Dr. Gina Loudon, Turning Point USA Ambassador and influencer Bo Loudon, journalist for Dinesh D’Souza’s DC Enquirer and influencer Reed Cooper, and influencer Dom Lucre.

Leisy has also been endorsed by “Veterans For Trump Legacy PAC.”

Leisy, a four-year Navy Veteran, is running as an “America First” candidate who wants to lower taxes, fight for parental rights, and secure the southern border.

(Editor’s Note:  Representative Buck recently issued a statement declaring he will not run for future office)

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