The Lamar RE-2 Food Truck has been named: Taste the Thunder


We are pleased to announce the results of our Food Truck naming experience. In anticipation of our truck delivery, we began a community-wide inquiry into name ideas in July. During the initial idea stage, we received 179 name ideas from nearly 100 students, staff, parents and community members. From there we identified 10 Food Truck names based on their relevance to our school district and mission statement.

Students in grades K-12 have been the sole voices for advancing name ideas to the finish line. We received 641 responses to the Top 10 survey where five names were found to be most popular. Most recently we have asked students for the Final Five to be reduced to a winning name! 934 student votes were received during the last naming stage which concluded on Monday, November 20th. Taste the Thunder has been selected as the winning name!  Other finalists included:  Bison Bites, Rolling Thunder, Thunder Wagon and Thunder Truck.

Next, we will begin design and artwork for a custom wrap to be applied in the months ahead.

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