Dear Editor and Lamar Community,


Are you ready to hear the Bells? The Salvation Army Bells to be specific. Ready or not, the Christmas season is almost upon us. If you are like me, you think it should be a punishable offense to play Christmas music before Thanksgiving is over. Also, Christmas decorations must wait until after thanksgiving. Regardless of your opinion on the timing of Christmas music and decorations we can agree there is great need in our community. As we come to this holiday season many of us want to help those in need, but we are not sure of the best way to help or who we should help. One way you and I can help is through supporting the Lamar Colorado Ministerial Alliance.

I truly feel that the Lamar Colorado Ministerial Alliance is one of the best places to donate to help meet needs in our local community. LCMA is a great centralized resource that has checks and balances in place that are not possible with churches or individuals helping on their own. Many individuals, organizations, and churches including ours give to the LCMA to help those who are truly in need in our community. LCMA helps with utilities, hotels, bus tickets, fuel, food, along with other needed services. Would you consider giving to LCMA this Christmas season? There are several ways you can help.

The Salvation Army Bell Ringing is our only fundraiser we do each year, we are counting on you to help us out.  If you are shopping at Walmart or Safeway and you see or hear the bell ringers, please be generous in donating. 90% of donations will stay right here in Prowers County. We also need more volunteers to man the bell ringing stations. If you are interested in ringing the bell, ask your pastor how to sign up, or call our church office at 719-336-4174 for more information.

You can also give directly to LCMA. LCMA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit all direct donations will be tax deductible gifts.  Your donation will be helping the less fortunate. You can mail in your donations to the Caring Center, Greg Ausmus, 1001 S Main Street, Lamar CO 81052.  Make checks payable to LCMA. Every little bit counts.  We need your support. Please consider how you can help your neighbor in need.

God bless,

Pastor Travis Horn,

Missionary Baptist Church

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