Letter to the Editor: To the Citizens of Lamar – Mike Duffy for Ward 2

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One year ago, this month, I was appointed to the Lamar City Council. It was an honor to be able to fill-in for the remainder of the term.

The past year of being on our council has enabled me to have an inside look at how our city is being run; from finance to our protective services to the recreational aspects. By listening and learning, decisions can be made that will benefit the whole community. Our community needs someone to ask the hard questions. Questions that impact our community.

Over the next two years, as your representative for city council, I will continue to work on developing our city by looking at some of the issues that can grow our business environment.  Housing is one area that can be strengthened. People need affordable housing, whether it is buying a home or simply renting. Transportation is another area that needs to be developed in order to stimulate our economy. All of this and to be fiscally responsible will make Lamar a wonderful place to live.

I have lived in Lamar for the past 43 years, along with my wife, Tammy, who is a Lamar native. We raised two children who attended college locally to pursue a four year degree. They chose to remain in Lamar in their chosen career fields. We have two grandsons who enjoy the many activities Lamar has to offer. My favorite part of Lamar is the helpful atmosphere. Everyone is always willing to help each other.

Please take the time to vote in this year’s election on November 7. Your vote does count.


Mike Duffy
Candidate – Lamar City Council – Ward 2

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