Letter to the Editor: Bill Becker, Candidate for Mayor of Lamar

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I’m Bill Becker, and I am running for Mayor of Lamar.  I moved here in 1980.  My wife of 33 years, Sherri, is a native.  Our children, Vanessa and Andrew, both graduated and went on to acquire higher education in Lamar.   

I enjoyed working 17 years in education and was an assistant program coordinator at LCC.  In 2018, I earned a master’s degree in education with a focus on leadership and finance.  Before that, I spent 15 years in construction and two years as an apprentice plumber.  I updated Prowers County land maps for the assessor as a civil draftsman.  I also worked at Neoplan, K-Bob’s, The Main Cafe and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I value our history. 

Over the past months, I’ve asked community members about their perspectives on Lamar.  Nearly 100% of you love the small town feel.   After listening, taking notes, and putting all your concerns together, 4 common issues surfaced. 

If I were elected mayor, I would focus on what I heard from you.  First, represent all citizens.  You matter!.  Second, provide clear and timely communication.  Third, work to improve the quality of life, and finally, strive toward a stronger economy. 

You, the citizens, are the most important part of our community.  You deserve to be heard, valued, and included. 

Communication is more than an exchange of information.  We must build relationships, listen and understand.   

Quality of life is a broad term, but these are things that make us feel worth, joy, and self-value.  Lamar has some of this, but we can do much better.

 It’s imperative to look forward with a sense of urgency.  Short and long term goals must be specific.  We can build relationships with demographically similar communities in Colorado and nearby states to use some of their experiences to help achieve our goals for growth and development as well as the creativity and vision of our amazing staff and citizens..  We want a better community.  We want a better Lamar.  Our vision will be forward without forgetting the past.  Our housing and community amenities are the literal standing structures that show success or failure.    

Creativity is a must for a mayor.  “We have always done it this way,” can be safe, maybe the right call, but we need to be bold.  

I want to see all citizens represented, communication to be complete and timely, a better quality of life, and strengthen our economy. 

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