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Heritage Defenders is a grassroots organization inspired by the ideologies of the National Organization, The Heritage Foundation and specifically-The  Heritage Action Group for America.
The group was formed 10 years ago by three local sentinels. Our goal was to educate and motivate citizens to “get involved” in educational, social and religious issues of today.
We have hosted Constitutional educators, a Constitutional attorney, a professor of Literature and History, a Missionary from Pakistan, a Pastor who has authored many books, a pro-life activist, along with two prominent physicians, educators from various grade levels, military veterans, as well as Gubernatorial,Congressional,Senatorial, and State Representative candidates. Many more people are familiar with “small town USA, Lamar, because of our events. All of this was open to the entire community in hopes that the information would be beneficial and educational to all concerned.
We are very invested in this community as the majority of our members have lifelong roots here. Of course, we value the opportunity to partner with other citizen groups whose hearts desire is to keep Lamar a place where our children can be safe, our neighbors can be trustworthy and God can be honored.
We believe in our Constitutional rights ~this group stands for freedom of religion, free speech, freedom of the press and to freely and peaceably assemble, as well as the right to petition the government for a redress of grievance. We stand for our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms and all other freedoms provided for us as United States Citizens per the U.S. Constitution.
Thank you and keep looking up,

Barbara Hernandez

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