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(The Prowers Journal has extended an invitation to allow all local candidates for government office to present their own position statement as to why they wish to serve on the Lamar City Council.)

Long-time resident, Mike Bryant, believes it is time for a change in the City of Lamar! Change is good and brings fresh ideas and fresh perspectives. Mike sees a need for more experience on the council, and he has the time to contribute the experience he has to being a council member of the quality that Lamar businesses and citizens deserve. The businesses and citizens of Lamar want more transparency about the actions being taken by Lamar’s leaders.  If elected, Mike will devote the work it takes to make transparency happen. Council members need to work as a team with respect for one another and with respect for the citizens and businesses of Lamar. With the right people working together in council, much can be accomplished.

Mike previously served as a valuable member of the Lamar City Council for 9 years.  During that time he attended training in government leadership, familiarized himself with the City of Lamar Home Rule Charter and Code provisions, and asked the tough questions needed to make wise decisions.  Mike has valuable experience in building and improving businesses in Lamar.  Mike assisted a Lamar business with creating  a new department from the ground up. Mike reopened a closed Lamar business and successfully operated it for 9 years by being fiscally disciplined to make sure the business operated within budget. Mike’s business experience is what the Lamar City Council needs to spend our tax dollars wisely and conservatively.  Mike complements his business knowledge with the experience he gained from serving on the Lamar Utilities Board, serving on LCC President’s Circle, and serving on the Daniel’s Fund Selection Committee.

Experience in business and how to operate multiple budget processes for the city, for private businesses, and for million-dollar businesses gives Mike valuable tools to help the City of Lamar. His values include his belief that the actions and decisions of City Council should be open, his respect for the value that Lamar businesses and citizens contribute to Lamar, his ability to listen AND HEAR what businesses and citizens need, his skills to problem solve, and, above all, his strong and dedicated work ethic.  Mike learned these qualities as a child being raised in a military family which valued organization and teamwork.

Mike’s experience in business, his work ethic, and his respect for others and their opinions is critical to his past and future success as a council member.  Mike wants the Lamar community to grow and prosper. Rules, laws and policies are there for a reason and should be followed.  But, Mike also knows that Lamar is governed by a Home Rule Charter which gives Lamar’s citizens the power to change rules that don’t apply or that need to be changed.  Change can be hard, but sometimes change and adapting to new situations must happen for responsible growth to occur.

Mike has lived in Lamar for 41 years and has been married to his wife, Karen, for 40 years.  Mike and Karen have two boys, Michael and Shane, two daughters-in-law, and three amazing grandkids.  Mike is a great choice for Ward Two!

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