Letter to the Editor – Patrick Christensen, Candidate for Mayor of Lamar

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(The Prowers Journal has extended an invitation to allow all local candidates for government office to present their own position statement as to why they wish to serve on the Lamar City Council.)

As a devoted community member, Patrick Christensen believes Lamar deserves new leadership that is transparent and he listens to the needs identified by the people of Lamar.  Patrick Christensen is a proven leader who served the Fowler from April 2008 to April 2014.  Patrick served as a trustee for the city of Fowler from 20078 to 2010.  From 2010 to 2014 he served as Mayor of Fowler.  During his tenure as Mayor of Fowler, he received Leadership awards in 2012 and 2013 for his outstanding contributions to the community.  In addition, he received mayoral training from the Colorado Municipal League and attended its conferences yearly.  Patrick also served as a member of the Utility Board and as a Utility Board member, and as trustee Pat went to multiple trainings and meetings with attorneys to understand our water rights and the relationship between the need for water for agriculture and water to augment City water use.  Patrick was devoted to Fowlers where he also served as a Volunteer fireman for 17 years.

Lamar gained a great community member when Patrick moved to Lamar in July of 2018.  He became the Lamar Community College Residential Hall Coordinator and student life coordinator where the touched many lives in a positive manner.  Currently, Patrick is the Father Advocate for the Prowers County Fatherhood program which seeks to support fathers to sustain relationships with their children and seeks to reinforce responsible parenting.  His dedication and commitment is evident by the success and growth of the fathers he has worked with in Prowers Conty.  Out of seven cities that received grants for the Fatherhood program, Prowers County ranks as one of the top programs for success.

One of Patrick’s greatest accomplishments is his ability to listen intently to Council Members and Constituents and working with them as a team to make wise decisions for the community.  Patrick values every person’s input when making decisions.  He understands the importance of conservative budgeting and is dedicated to helping existing businesses not only survive but thrive.  He has a passion for Lamar to grow and prosper in a responsible manner by focusing on improving existing businesses in Lamar while attracting ethical business to Lamar.

Patrick’s larger-than-life personality makes him easy to get to know and for citizens to recognize his dedication and support for our families.  Often, he volunteers at church for both minor and major projects and works well with others to get things done.  He loves Lamar and is married to Cathy Foster Christensen, a lifelong resident of Lamar.  Together, they have nine adult children, twenty-four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Patrick’s dedication, commitment, experience and love of community make him a great choice for Mayor.  Please reach out to him at patformayor.com or email him at patrickchristensen03@gmail.com and drop him a line or invite him to visit with you to hear your thoughts and ideas for Lamar!

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