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I am Ellen Moira Martin, and I am running for Lamar Re-2 School Board because I want all children to get a well-developed education.

An education teaches a student to think about matters other than daily life.  I see education as a protective umbrella that stays with a student for life.  I was taught that an education is the only thing someone can’t take away from you.  Your education stays with you and directs your future.

If a student has an education rooted in basic principles, the student will have a successful future.  Those basic skills will be the foundation for acquiring new skills that the students, as an adult, uses to survive.  Today’s students will be called upon to master technology and careers that we can’t imagine today.

A robust education teaches mental flexibility and develops emotional maturity.  It teaches a person to focus and attain goals.

A person with a solid education has enough background to exercise good judgement in making choices when moving into the unknown.  An education makes life more interesting and leads to pursuits beyond the daily grind.

I firmly believe that an education equals future success, not only for the individual student, but for society.

I am here to support a fair and equitable education for all students.  I support teachers, and know they have to have the proper environment which is conducive to education.  I bring the position of school board member my classroom experience as a math, science and writing teacher.

I have taught in public schools in Pueblo West, Las Animas, Granada, and Cheyenne Wells, and community college in Fort Collins and here in Lamar.  I also taught at an after-school program in Greeley.  As a graduate student at Colorado State University, I taught in both the Chemistry and Technical Journalism Departments. In all, I have been in the classroom for over 24 years.

I have undergraduate degrees in biology and chemistry.  I have a M.S. degree in Technical Communication, as well as graduate work in Analytical Chemistry.  I hold certificates in Medical Technology and teaching.  I have an active Colorado Professional Teaching License for Science, grades 7-12.

Ellen Moira Martin

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