Letter to the Editor: Kirk Crespin, Candidate for Mayor of Lamar

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(The Prowers Journal has extended an invitation to allow all local candidates for government office to present their own position statement as to why they wish to serve on the Lamar City Council or Re-2 School Board.)

I am honored to announce my candidacy for re-election as the Mayor for the City of Lamar.

Since taking office in 2019, our community has experienced a range of significant changes, both positive and challenging.  We’ve navigated the complexities of COVID-19, welcomed two new City Administrators, adapted to shifting economic trends, and witnessed new improvements, projects, businesses, and growth.

My years of prior service as a Lamar City Council Member and as Mayor Pro-Tem, provided me with the training and knowledge needed to not just “Make A Change” – but to effectively lead our community through the unforeseen changes and transitions that we have experienced during my term.  Which is why I believe actual experience and involvement in Our City Government is so critical!

During my term, we’ve focused on increasing community engagement.  We’ve introduced live broadcasts of Council Meetings for transparency, utilized social media to enhance marketing and communication, and launched a mobile app for real-time information and alerts.  Community events like the Council Common Grounds, Coffee with Rob, and Community Picnics in the Park have promoted direct interaction between residents and their City Council Members.

We’ve made strategic investments in new developments, businesses, and growth through our incentive plans.  Equally important, we’ve ensured that our city staff has the tools, training, and fair compensation needed for success.  Investments in infrastructure have prepared us for the future, while enhancements to our parks and public safety departments have improved the overall quality of life for us all.

Those are just a few of the changes, but I know we can still do more!

It’s easy to get caught up in the challenges of today, often hearing negative voices overshadowing our positive progress.  That’s why we can’t afford to turn back now… We must keep moving forward!

As a husband, father, son, small business owner, and an employee of a local business, I understand the various needs of our community and want the best for Lamar.  With a plan for today and a vision for the future, combined with my well-demonstrated knowledge and experience, I am confident that I am the best candidate for Mayor of Lamar – AND – the best candidate to “Keep Moving Forward” — No matter what challenges we may face!

If re-elected, I will continue working to strengthen and grow our community, enhance safety and security, improve communication and transparency, bolster our economy, and remain open to new ideas, opportunities and more.  Most importantly, I will continue my work with the City Council and Mayor Pro-Tem to provide them with the information needed to carry on the torch of progress into the future.

I love this community and I will continue to put Lamar first.  I hope that my many years of dedication and service to Our Community will earn your vote in the upcoming election… So, we can “Keep Moving Forward Lamar”

Thank you,

Kirk Crespin
(719) 688-9778 cell

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