Colorado State Patrol is Targeting Aggressive Drivers


COLORADO) – Colorado State Troopers from the Golden Troop Office arrested a male party for traveling at speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour, eluding a trooper and placing other motorists at risk.

On the morning of Monday, August 7, 2023, Troopers were working a team operation focusing on speed near Colorado Highway 470 and West Bowles Avenue with the assistance of the Colorado State Patrol’s flight operation team when a motorcycle was observed going 120 miles per hour.  A trooper attempted to contact the driver, who fled at a high rate of speed.

The trooper intentionally disengaged the pursuit to avoid endangering the public more, and the Patrol’s aircraft unit followed the motorcycle rider to his final destination. With information passed from the air to the ground, troopers responded to that location, contacted the driver and arrested him. The driver was charged with Felony Vehicular Eluding, Reckless Driving and Speeding 40+, among other charges.

“When a member of law enforcement activates their lights to pull you over, you are legally required to comply,” stated Major Darce Weil, District 1 Commander of the Colorado State Patrol. “This individual chose to flee from troopers at speeds 55mph above the posted speed limit of 65mph. He chose to endanger himself and others around him. What this rider did not know was that we could follow him using our aircraft assets until we could safely arrest him.”

The Colorado State Patrol wants our community to know that we see the same dangerous driving behavior they do, and our mission is to reverse the trend of aggressive driving and save lives. Whether we stop a vehicle on the side of the road at the moment of the infraction or enforce the law via follow-up investigation, troopers are using all resources possible to make Colorado roads safe.

“The consequences of running from law enforcement are not light; you can be charged with felony vehicular eluding as well as potentially forfeit your vehicle,” stated Major Weil. “We’ve heard from many people in our communities that drivers are speeding excessively on our roadways. Patrol crash investigation data supports this sentiment, with speed being a factor in 288 deaths and over 1,200 injuries on our roadways in the last five years. The Colorado State Patrol will not ignore reckless or dangerous behavior; we will enforce the law and find you if you run from us.”

To report dangerous, aggressive, or possibly impaired driving, please call 911 or *277 (*CSP).

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