TA 76 Express in Lamar, Donor of Body Armor to Prowers County Deputies

Jake Skifstad Shield616 Founder


The donation of ten life-saving body armor vests have been added to the 6,887 that have been donated to first responders across 31 states.  This past Tuesday, May 9th, Prowers County Sheriff Deputies received their new body armor courtesy of Shield616 and the donation from TA 76 at 708 North Main Street in Lamar.  Approximately 75 persons were on hand for the event including city and county representatives and assorted relatives of the deputies.

Qutntyn Johnson, Senior VP of LV Petroleum

Shield616 founder, Jake Skifstad, a former SWAT officer in Colorado Springs, recounted how critical the improved body armor is to officers and first responders in a rife-shooting event, such as the ones he experienced at the New Life Church in 2007 and the Planned Parenthood shooting in 2015.

“It’s hard to describe the new level of safety and confidence this body armor can give a first responder,” he explained to the gathering at the Lamar Travel Express Center.  He said there is no escaping the ‘fear factor’ that comes with being in any shooter situation, but officers have been trained to move forward towards the focal point and end the violence, sometimes at a cost to their own personal safety and welfare.  That was one of the reasons he helped evolve Shield616, an organization which has raised $17 million towards the donations of this style of heavy-duty body armor across the country.

Prowers County Sheriff, Sam Zordel, noted that officers currently wear what’s described as ‘soft’ body armor for everyday use.  Standard body armor might stop a round from a pistol, but the newly donated armor can withstand a close proximity round from a 5.56 or 7.62 caliber rifle as Sheriff Zordel displayed the new armor at the event.  “It’s more durable and it’s also a lot lighter.”  Zordel explained that body armor from years ago was very heavy. “It limited your motion and it felt as if you were walking around wearing slabs of concrete.  This is much lighter for an officer, even while wearing the vest with the front and back protection.”

Quyntyn Johnson, Senior Vice-President of LV Petroleum which owns TA 76, told the gathering, he is proud his organization is making this contribution a possibility for Prowers County Deputies.  “We’re relatively new to the community, but we are dedicated to becoming a part of the life in Prowers County and we’re glad we’re able to make this contribution which will benefit all concerned.  We’re sure this will be one of many events and occasions where we can make a positive impact on Lamar and surrounding communities.”

By Russ Baldwin

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