Letter to the Editor: To the community, family, and friends of Denis and Theresa Weber

Denis and Theresa Weber


We, their children, would like to express our deep and sincere appreciation to you, a close-knit community of family and friends, who never cease to amaze.  It was a blessing to be raised in such a wonderfully supportive environment, a place Mom and Dad called their forever home.

We were and are so very grateful to you for your outpouring of support shown through food, phone calls, and visits; during Mom’s illness and after her passing, and, then again, following Dad’s passing – a short 5 months later.  You have been a continuous source of friendship, love, and support; both before, and after, the deaths of our beloved parents.

The day of their memorial services was sad for us; however, it was good to see so many of you there and heartwarming to perceive how many people they touched throughout their lives.  We were filled with appreciation for the many cards, floral arrangements, plants, and gifts received from so many; as well as the generous memorial donations given in their honor.  Your written and spoken words, expressed from your hearts, touched us deeply.

We offer you, our gratitude; and thank you for all you did for our family during a very difficult time.  Your kindnesses were tremendous and appreciated beyond what words could ever express!

And, as Mom and Dad both prayed, we continue to pray that you have a life full of God’s blessings and love.

With love, thanks, appreciation, and gratitude, Connie, Jerry, Kathy (Knutson), Linda (Cochran) and Ronnie Weber

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