Letter to the Editor: ‘Thank You’ from the Civis Family


THANK YOU!!.  Those words are very inadequate to express our feelings to all who fought the fire on Wednesday, March 22.  Several volunteer fire departments, the Prowers County Road and Bridge employees, and many community individuals worked very hard to save the homes in the path of the fire.  They all most likely had different plans for the evening, but quickly adjusted them to help out.

Our home was in a direct line of the fast moving flames.  I don’t know all the individuals who worked around our home.  They were all volunteers, risking their lives and in many cases equipment to keep the flames back, even starting hoses and sprinklers around the house.   They worked under less than ideal conditions where they don’t know the terrain and cannot see beyond the front of the machines what is front of them. The fire breaks they built are what kept our home safe.  The flames are right there and not slowing down.  These people just keep charging ahead.

Also THANK YOU to all who offered prayers.  They worked.

There simply are not words to describe the feeling when the smoke clears and your house is still standing.  So a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU from Jim and I.

Thank you and God Bless everyone.

Jim and Betty Civis

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