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Prowers Economic Prosperity board members heard a presentation on available grants and programs from Greg Thomason, a senior program manager for OEDIT, State Office of Economic Development and International Trade.  Thomason serves 20 counties in southeast Colorado as a Rural Opportunity Representative.  Thomason outlined several grant programs, one of interest to PEP from the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media.  Executive Director, Cheryl Sanchez, had received a go-ahead from the board to apply for funding to create a video presentation of Prowers County to be used as promotional material to attract prospective business ventures.  “The state will handle the recording and will put it together for the presentation,” she explained adding that the gist of the video will be how Prowers County approaches economic development on a holistic level as opposed to a recitation of statistics and general facts and numbers.

Board members are continuing their search for an executive director who would replace Sanchez following a three-year mentor program.  Anne Marie Crampton, PEP President, outlined two alternatives for the type of individual who would be hired.  One approach would be to seek someone with high performance experience and abilities and would be mentored to assume the position upon Sanchez’s retirement.  The alternative would be someone of lesser experience, but in general, above an entry level standard whose job performance would expand during the course of their training period.

Anthony LaTour from the Lincoln Education Alternative Program recapped the job-shadow program which will pair students to local business who sign up, to bring sophomore, juniors and seniors into their business to learn various aspects of their job.  Earlier this spring, the PEP board agreed to help develop a list of area businesses who would sign on to the program.  “We’re still in development stages,” LaTour said, “and although we don’t start the new school year until the middle of August, we won’t actually begin the shadow program until January once we have all the details in place.”  The program hopes to find ways to be able to have students return to the traditional alternative school classroom setting following the disruption of in-person attendance during the pandemic.

April Forgue presented plans she and her husband, Cory Allen Forgue, have developed for a local media enterprise.  The website under development will stream areas sporting events as well as offer social media commentary and listings of community events.  Sanchez noted that one new business has opened on West Elm Street, The Leaf, which features organic teas and coffees as well as associated gift ideas.  Another venture is scheduled to open on South Main Street and will also offer a selection of beverages.

The board plans to host a VIP Social at Lamar Community College on October 25th which will solicit new board memberships for the 2023 year.
By Russ Baldwin

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