County Planning Commission Sets Tri-State Public Hearing Date



Representatives from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association provided the Prowers County Planning Commission board with a general outline for a 22-mile, above-ground 230-kV transmission line for a A-2 Non-Irrigated Zoning District.  One of the first steps is to hold a public hearing on the request for a Special Use Permit for the project.  This is in conjunction with a 1041 Permit Application from Tri-State. Board members, set the hearing date for Wednesday, August 3rd at 6pm at the SOS Center on East Olive Street.

The project is expected to begin in early 2024 and be completed and in service by 2025.  Although the route through Prowers County is 22 miles, the total length of the transmission line is 110 miles, originating in Burlington.  The estimated cost for the transmission line is $15.2M and the substation is estimated at $1.5M.  Based on a standard taxable rate, the county, after the first year of completion, would benefit by $144,000 for the transmission line’s use.

A 200-foot right of way would be provided for the line and towers with 100 feet on each side, running mostly along CR SS and 30.  Tri-State representatives said their construction work will be coordinated around agricultural seasons for farming and ranching operations.  The proposed ROW would be directly adjacent to the Xcel Energy ROW for approximately 17 miles.
By Russ Baldwin

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