LUB Discusses New Meter Installation Schedule and Cyber Security Guards

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The utility board approved $704,028.57 in March purchase orders from a total of $729,264.83 of which $631,771.43 was for the estimated power purchase from ARPA for March. Bills amounting to $242,911.64 were also paid.

The low bid of $27,383.76 from Blazer Electric was approved for LED light fixtures to maintain street and yard lighting.  Delivery is expected within six to eight weeks.

The financial statement for December 2021 which showed total operating revenue for that month was $979,541 and operating costs were $1,059,822 for gross operating loss of $80,281.  When the non-operating revenues and expenses are factored, there is a net income of $241,421 for the month.

Total operating revenues for 2021 are $14,034,451 and total operating costs are $12,398,630 resulting in gross operating income of $1,635,821.  When the non-operating revenues and expenses are factored, there is a net income of $243,791, year to date.  When compared to 2020 revenues from retail sales are down approximately $119,110 or 1% comparing December 2021 to 2020 and overall operating expenses are up approximately 1% or $134,600 for a net income of $243,791 for the year.

To date, the light plant has installed 3,652 AMI, Advanced Metering Infrastructure units at city residences and 340 commercial meters.  Technicians are required to read the older meters manually.  There are a total of 5,356 meters in the system and the new replacement meters which were ordered last September are expected to be delivered this October.  The AMI system provides remote connect and disconnect of power from the office, outage management and reporting to the office, alert the metering tech of any meter tampering and provide real time consumption and electrical data.  The electrical maintenance crew installed LED apron lights at the airport and have been re-sagging power lines.

The board discussed internet protective protocols LUB uses incorporating the latest in cybersecurity technology to provide a high-end firewall appliance, a back-up strategy and continual management of each device on the network.  Another security service provides simulations of phishing campaigns and training in recognizing such an attack.  The SCADA, wind turbines and AMI metering system are completely isolated from the office network.  Some of the security systems are identical to those used by the City of Lamar and City Clerk, Linda Williams and City Administrator, Rob Evans, said the IT managers of both the city and LUB keep each other aware of security measures and potential internet breaches.  A future meeting between and board and Arkansas River Power Authority, ARPA, will be set up to discuss the final payment date of the bonds used to finance the wind turbines.

By Russ Baldwin

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