Letter to the Editor:  Gaines Announces Candidacy to PMC Board


I, Kelli Gaines, am announcing my candidacy for the Prowers Medical Center Board of Directors. It is my belief that service in our communities is a responsibility that we all share.  I am well qualified for the role and can and will serve the citizens in Prowers and Baca Counties to the best of my ability if elected to Prowers Medical Center Board of Directors.

I have an in-depth working knowledge and experience with executive boards and the leadership traits that this position will require. Living in this community for 20 years and raising a family here has given me opportunities to get to know you – the citizens – and understand that you value honesty and hard work.  You have compassion for each other. And that together we are courageous. I will uphold these standards and pledge that my decisions will support quality accessible healthcare. Both my experience in public health and higher education and my education and credentials will help me in my role if elected.

I will reinforce the values of our communities and work to my best ability.

I am asking for your vote.

Thank you,
Kelli Gaines


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