Letter to the Editor:  Costs of Marijuana

Does the City of Lamar want marijuana dispensaries in our community? Colorado ranks number 4 in the nation for drug abuse, addiction. However, drug treatment and therapies in this state are limited. Only 3% of the people with addiction issues are able to find the help they need.

Colorado ranks #6 in the nation for teen suicide and 70% of those have drugs in their system.  These numbers are staggering and unacceptable and we as a community of people should be fighting to counteract this crisis.  If you look up information on any drug addiction help site, Marijuana is always listed as a gateway drug.  A gateway to opioids, heroin, fentanyl.

During the city council meeting dated April 4, 2022, Oscar Riley stated the city of Lamar is not in need of the money these dispensaries supposedly bring into the community.  Ask any drug addiction counselor the cost of bringing drugs into a community, for every dollar it brings in, $4.50 is spent to counteract its harmful effects. The windfall is a façade.

This community has faced a number of overdose deaths and those loved ones are still reeling from the grief. Is this something we want our youth exposed too?  I would urge all the people of Lamar to contact the mayor and the council member of their ward to make their voices heard.  It is not too late to stop this insidious intrusion.  Remember complacency kills, our community, our people, our youth, our hope.

Lisa Steed
Willow Valley Drive
Lamar, CO

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