Large Vehicle Parking Ordinance Okayed by Council


The Lamar City Council modified an ordinance under the Lamar Municipal Code, Chapter 26, Section 26-7(b) which addresses traffic and vehicles specifically as to parking of large vehicles, truck tractors or semitrailers on city streets.  The council approved the new ordinance language on first reading in response to numerous complaints from area residents about the detrimental effects to the streets from heavy vehicles or impacting safe driving situations.  The ordinance reads in part, “(b) It is unlawful for any truck tractor, whether laden or unladen, or semitrailer, whether attached or unattached, to be parked, stand, stopped, stored, or left unattended, on any residential street, road, alley or right of way which is maintained by the City of Lamar, except when said vehicle is being expeditiously used to render services such as loading and unloading to a property located within 200 feet of where said trailer is parked.”

A separate section of the city’s municipal code was tabled pending additional discussion for public entertainment venues to be provided at North Gateway Park.  One section limits driving in any park in the city to no more than ten miles per hour and no one shall drive at a speed in excess of 20 miles per hour at North Gateway Park.  The other section of the ordinance states it is unlawful for any person to intentionally or recklessly lead, bring or release any other type of species of animal into or upon the dog park or designated off-leash area.  This follows the designation of a specific off-leash area for dogs at North Gateway Park.  The council wants more specifics into where and when dogs can be off-leash.  Parks and Rec Director, Rick Akers, explained there are also plans for an archery range to be developed north of the river, adjacent to the park.

During the April 11th City Council meeting, a letter of support was approved which was issued by the Prowers County Commissioners for Congressionally Directed Spending funds for projects including a Rural Fire Station Project, funds to demolish the former SOS building on East Elm Street and repurpose it into office space and to fund efforts for recruitment, scholarships and EMT training to offset shortages of emergency medical staff for ambulance services and other emergency response groups.

In a related matter, the council approved a motion to ratify a letter of support from the same funding source, CDS, that can be used to finance the city’s much needed Wastewater Treatment Facility Project.  The Prowers County Commissioners issued their own letters of support for the city’s request for funding approval.

The Colorado Municipal League received support from the council for its appeal to join other home-ruled municipalities in opposing HB 22-1024 and send a letter indicating as such to Governor Polis.  The CML’s attorney, Robert Sheesley, stated the bill, if passed into law, would force home ruled municipalities to follow the exemption the State of Colorado gives for public school construction use tax collected from contractors.  There are general concerns other lawmakers would try to force self-collection municipalities to follow a multitude of state sales and use tax collections exemptions severely impacting municipal budgets.

The council approved a contract with the Sand and Sage Round-up Fair Board for Lamar Police security during the 18th Annual Wild West BBQ at Willow Creek Park from May 6th to the 7th.  Representatives, Diane Poole and Cindy Bennet said 28 teams have registered to date and of those, 12 will BBQ a pork roast each for sandwiches for purchase from the People’s Choice concession table on Saturday.  The continued agreement between the police department and Domestic Safety Resource Center was approved which allows the group to offer immediate services to victims of various forms of domestic abuse, sexual abuse or stalking and dating violence.

A request for extra-territorial water and wastewater service was approved from Claudia Medina for a single-family residence in the 6000 block of East Rodeo Drive.  The residence is outside the city limits and a service agreement is required for an extension from her residence to a current line serving West Maple Street.

Ginger Coberley of Mackey Realty asked the council for consideration of an expanded credit allowance offered under Lamar’s developer’s program which currently allows $5,000 credit for lot development.  Coberley said Licht Homes wants to develop four lots on Sage Lane off Memorial Drive, but the cost of water and sewer service for the four lots is estimated at $172,000, a price that makes development of the project prohibitive.  She said Licht Homes would like to request the consideration amount be increased to $25,000 per lot and would welcome an opportunity to discuss their plans with the council.

The council approved a memorandum of understanding with CDOT and the Federal Aviation Administration to install four aviation weather cameras at the S.E. CO Regional Airport in Lamar.  The agreement asks for airport assistance with troubleshooting and part replacement for a three-year term.  City Public Works Director, Pat Mason, said the cameras will offer views at each of the four points of the compass and they will be installed either on the terminal building or the snowplow shop.  “We hope the airport gains added exposure to the general public as everyone will have access to view our weather conditions once the cameras are operating,” he explained.

The City of Lamar is poised to launch the city-wide mobile app program next month.  Once enacted, residents will be able to find the app through the Apple and Android Store.  Users will be able to connect with information sources detailing availability of resource programs regarding city stores, services, upcoming events and contact information.  The council, however, tabled approval until additional information regarding which city employees will be authorized to sign legal documents pertaining to the operation of the app.  The council approved an authorization appointing Lamar Light and Power employees to sign checks for the Utility Board Employee Fund.


The deadline for meeting construction requirements for renovating a building at 700 East Parmenter Street was March 31st.  The council tabled discussion as to whether Southeastern Colorado Mini-Storage LLC (Ivor Hill) was able to perform construction to the house on the lot according to the specifics of the second agreement to extend the deadline for the project.  Hill agreed to forfeit a $10,000 bond to the city for the extension if improvements to the building were not acceptable to the city.  The city has that bond and will decide whether to offer some timeline leniency towards adequate completion of the project.


A public hearing will be held on Monday, May 23rd regarding the resolution initiating the annexation petition received from Farm Credit of Southern Colorado, FLCA, located at 1301 East Olive Street and adjacent to the City’s municipal boundary.  The 2.030 acres for annexation runs northward of Olive Street between Camino De Santa Fe and CR 9.

City Administrator, Rob Evans, reminded the council the annual PEP meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21st from 6 to 7:30pm at the End of the Line Arena at Camp Amache in Granada, a series of ribbon cuttings for infrastructure upgrades at Lamar Community College will be held on April 14th beginning at 11am.  Coffee with Rob sessions will be held on April 20th at 7am at Daylight Donuts and on the 27th at Brew Unto Others.

Following a public hearing, the council approved the beer garden for the annual Chamber of Commerce, Lamar Days Event on May 20th between 5 and 10pm.

The council moved into executive session to discuss personnel matters under C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(f) for discussion with the City Administrator.
By Russ Baldwin

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