Speed Related to Over 50% of All Colorado Teen Crash Fatalities


Traffic deaths surged across Colorado in 2021 hitting a 20-year high and speeding is a major factor in fatalities. Speeding is a risky behavior for all drivers, and combined with inexperience and distractions the danger rises exponentially.

In a 2021 report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and Ford Motor Company Fund, Colorado had 213 teen fatalities between 2015-2019 and 57% of them were speed-related. Since this study concluded, the driving picture has only gotten worse throughout the state.

“Some of the most heartbreaking crashes involve young drivers who thought that nothing bad could ever happen to them by driving a little faster and ignoring graduated driver’s license rules designed to help limit distractions while they gain experience,” stated Col. Matthew C. Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “A life full of potential doesn’t need to stop short on a roadway. Pay attention to what young drivers in your life are doing and be willing to take away the privilege of driving before the legal system has to do it instead.”

As part of a Spring awareness campaign, “Don’t Chase Cool”, the Colorado State Patrol is releasing the top five counties that had the largest quantity of speeding citations for drivers age 16-21 (in descending order).

Weld County

El Paso County

Douglas County

Mesa County

Jefferson County

While these counties represent the highest numbers of citations, speeding is happening across the state. Parents are encouraged to use an app or car tracking device for the first few years after a license is issued. Through this technology parents can look at speed, acceleration and braking. Driving is an important topic for parents to continue engaging in to help curb negative behaviors as a new driver’s confidence grows.

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