Prowers Medical Center is Rebuilding Staff


Karen Bryant, Prowers Medical Center CEO, briefed the Prowers County Commissioners on the recent success in hiring new providers for the hospital, “We’re developing a new provider base in the clinic and we’re successful with this process.”  Bryant said PMC hired two local individuals as nurse advanced practice providers and Dr. Rebecca Cisneros, a full-time, OB-GYN who will begin rotation coverage with Dr. Korkis, is coming on board.  When future deliveries are ready, they will be available.  She said the delivery facility had been closed as the delivery team decided they needed at least eight or nine staff members for day and night shifts to safely provide deliveries.

Bryant said the hospital has been working with an international placement service which has helped hiring a labor and delivering nurse with midwifery experience, which is more of a long-term plan and another individual will be interviewed shortly.  “We are looking at a summertime re-opening schedule, perhaps July or August, but the hospital has no specific opening date at this point,” she stated.

The hospital will open communication with the local law enforcement agencies to help facilitate PMC’s Level 4 Trauma Center designation.  Bryant said the hospital and the agencies need to coordinate response times to within 20 minutes of an emergency patient en route to the facility.  She said there are a number of protocols to follow about notifying the hospital staff of a pending arrival from a site and documentation of those policies are required to provide to the state.

The spring health fairs will soon begin, following the procedures from 2021 as, she said, last year’s procedures worked well and the hospital will be doing it again.  Beginning each Wednesday from April 8th and continuing up to July 27th, clients can call 719-336-8363 to register for an appointment and come in for a $25 blood draw between 7am and 9am.

The hospital is happy to announce the new MRI unit is in use, but plans are still developing for a community-wide open house as there are some issues regarding having people around the magnetized device.  Close proximity to the unit can alter its very specific calibration for patients, so Bryant said an outdoor event is being considered.

The election for PMC board of directors will be conducted by a mail-in ballot on May 3rd and the hospital’s facebook page will provide a photo and brief biography of the candidates.
By Russ Baldwin

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