Lamar School Board Receives Grandstand Repair Options

Savage Stadium Press Box



Age and use are taking its toll on the grandstand seating section at the Lamar Savages Stadium. Lamar District Re-2 school board members held a special meeting on Monday, March 28th to hear a presentation on two alternatives presented to them by Andy Fahrmeir of Hutton Builds from Garden City, KS.

Fahrmeir stated that whatever costs were associated with either selection, they were very preliminary estimates, adding, “This is not a bid but an analysis, a perspective of some of the costs associated with what we’re presenting to you today.”

Savage Stadium Facing East

The first option described was a retro-fit, designed to address several structural issues the aging grandstand and seating area is displaying including retrofitting the limestone building structure and replacing the current steel and concrete seating system with a new aluminum and steel grandstand system.  The new seating system would be self-supporting and located within the existing exterior walls of the grandstand masonry structure.  However, this option would provide approximately 750 seats, decreasing the current capacity.   The cost of a single new seat is estimated at $300.  A three-room press box would be installed with a PTAK and HVAC system as well as a roof hatch for additional personnel.  The new press box would sit forward of the current facility in order to be supported by the new structural system.  The new facility is estimated at $1,448,187 with $395,015 for demolition costs and an approximate $130,000 would be required for architect and engineering fees as well as hazmat analysis and soil samples.  That extra fee was also projected onto the alternative for a brand-new facility.

That option is estimated at $1,923,379 although the demolition costs for a new facility was quoted at $203,392 using fewer man-power hours, site work and masonry.  Under plan B, the existing grandstand building would be removed as well as the two adjacent aluminum/steel seating systems on the east and west sides of the grandstand.  The new site would require replacing 10,000 square feet of pavement along Park Street due to potential damage to the roadway while the construction is underway.  The contractors have spoken to the City of Lamar about this requirement.  The new seating system will include stairs and an ADA access ramp and provide seating for 1,500.  A lighting system will be installed under the new seating areas and a new drainage system with sump pumps for water run-off would also be included. The press box requirements will essentially remain unchanged from option A.

West Park Street, Adjacent to Savage Stadium

The board also briefly floated the idea of a new location for a new stadium, given the trials of finding adequate parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium’s perimeters.  Board vice-president, Shannon O’Bryan asked if, under option B, some materials might be salvaged and later repurposed on the northern boundary of the stadium.

The timing of any construction was another consideration, with board president, Lanie Meyer-Miriles, asking for a timeline which would not have to impact either the football or track and field season.  Both Fahrmeier and his associate replied there would be an estimated eight-month span for preparations on paper with approvals required by the state to initiate the project with another four months for interior demolition as well as ordering the materials in advance to lock in a cost of materials.  The board is also looking at the track field having about another year of use before it would also have to be replaced.  The board’s next regular meeting will be April 11th and members will use that time to explore financing options, which run from applying for BEST or GoCO grants specific to outdoor recreation programs.
By Russ Baldwin

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