Lamar Utility Board Plans for Equipment Replacements for 2022 Goal

Light Plant Crews at Work


One of the goals for the Lamar Light Plant for 2022 is an upgrade to equipment at the substation.  Light Plant Superintendent Houssin Hourieh, told the board during its January 11th meeting, the 69kv-4 Breaker ring bus upgrade and the SCADA system upgrade has been completed and 2022 plans call for an upgrade to the 4kv distribution circuits protection relays.  Fifteen circuits will be replaced over three stages and the work should not cause any power outages while improving performance reliability.

The plant intends to install 1,960 smart meters this year to accompany the 3,682 Advanced Metering Infrastructure meters that have been installed so far throughout the city.  The superintendent said the equipment, unfortunately, has a 36 week back order delay.  Hourieh also told the board the 107mph winds on from December 15th resulted in 21 broken power poles and some power outages which were being repaired as soon as they were noted.  Stock inventory of all line’s materials have been ordered for replacements including 45, forty-foot long power poles.  “Some of the poles were just knocked over by the wind and for some of these, the crews were able to use metal supports at the base of the poles to keep them operational through the storm.  We’ll be replacing some of them later,” he explained. There were no problems associated with the recent snow over the New year. Board member Roger Stagner and the entire board agreed in offering a compliment into the work performed by the crews during the storm.  “This was an outstanding job they did and it should be recognized in our meeting minutes,” he stated.

The Lamar Utility Board approved $669,710.33 in purchase orders out of a total of $692,093.42 presented to it during the board’s January 11th meeting.  That included $5,000 for membership dues to Prowers Economic Prosperity and $572,854.89 for the estimated December power purchase from Arkansas River Power Authority.  Total bills amounted to $489,655.99.

The November 2021 financial report noted that cash is up $161,087 from October and accounts receivable decreased by $235,918.  Total operating revenue for November is $984,078 against operating costs of $807,616 for gross operating income of $176,463.  When the non-operating expenses are taken into consideration, there is a net loss for the month of $66,108.  When compared to 2020, revenues from retail sales are down approximately $102,723 or 1% comparing November 2021 to last year and overall operating expenses are down approximately $267,120 or 2% resulting in a net income of $2,370 for the year.

By Russ Baldwin

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