COVID-19 Cases Climb in Prowers County


COVID-19 Update from PCPHE for Week Ending October 13, 2021

The Prowers County Department of Public Health and Environment reported the number of COVID-19 cases increased from 1,513 from last week to 1,553 over the past seven days.  Hospitalizations increased from 109 to 113 and deaths remained unchanged at 28.

The seven-day Test Positivity Rate is 6.01% (goal is <5%). This is up from 4.9% last week.  Nine of the last 40 cases had received their vaccinations and 10 of the past 73 cases over the past 14 days had also received their shots.

All but two hospitalizations and all of the county’s deaths have been in the unvaccinated population (1 hospitalized patient this week was vaccinated. The second was from a data audit that showed a hospitalized patient in April 2021 was vaccinated.)



  • PCPHE is NOT texting people to get vaccinated. We are investigating the source of these texts. Disregard these texts if you receive them. We are absolutely giving vaccines to those who want them but will never send texts.
  • There are quarantines of PK-12 school students in the county. We are absolutely committed to making all the recommendations we can to keep our kids in person for learning. Please ask your school about weekly serial testing as the state is offering programs that can help eliminate quarantines in most cases if students opt-in to be tested regularly. Other ways to avoid quarantine include wearing masks and vaccination. People who have had a proctored positive test do not have to quarantine again for 90 days.
  • Regarding the recent resolutions and discussions about mandates: Your local public health agency has no ability to change the vaccine mandates handed down by the state or federal government. Enforcement is not a part of our jurisdiction. In Colorado, local public health agencies can make rules tighter than those of the state but cannot loosen them. Prowers County Public Health and Environment has no intention of doing this and has not done this throughout the pandemic. Please direct your concerns to your Governor and state and federal legislators. More information can be found at regulations
  • This week we are offering ALL 3 vaccine types along with flu shots:

o Thursday 10/14/2021 from 9:00-11:00AM and 1:00-4:00PM

o Friday 10/15/2021 from 9:00-11:00AM and 1:00-4:00PM

  • Ask about our incentive program when you come in!
  • People who received the Moderna or J&J vaccine will likely need a booster shot. The FDA is meeting to determine who is eligible later this week.
  • As of 10/12/2021, 49.1% of eligible Prowers County residents have gotten at least 1 dose of vaccine, up from 48.5% last week.
  • FREE community testing for all is available at High Plains Community Health Center Monday through Friday at 11:00AM. If you think you may have COVID-19, have been exposed or require testing for any reason, call public health directly at 336-8721 to schedule. If you are having severe symptoms such as significant trouble breathing, etc. call 911. The state is renewing its contracts to continue this availability at least through February 2022.
  • FREE testing is also provided by the state at Lamar Community College on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Noon to 5:00PM. Although not required, preregistration is encouraged. For more information see:
    If you would like to opt in to free at home testing please see:
  • A reminder about isolation and quarantine: If you are quarantined or placed in isolation this means staying home and not going ANYWHERE other than the doctor if you need to be treated or tested. No one should come over. PCPHE can assist you with coordination of prescription pick-up, activities to help the kids not go stir crazy or get delivery for your groceries, etc. PLEASE STAY HOME! This is an effective way of containing the spread of COVID-19. Please help us keep our community safe!
  • If you test positive, there are treatments called monoclonal antibodies that can be given to greatly reduce your chance of hospitalization. They are offered here locally. Call your provider for more information.
  • Stay home if not feeling well, cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands frequently or use 60+% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Minimize gatherings of those who are not vaccinated. Wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces.
  • Call 719-336-8721 with questions.

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