Fall Sod Covering Escondido Park for 2022

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Now that the two soccer fields at Escondido Park off North 14th Street in Lamar have been prepped, Timberline Construction employees began a final step today, September 15th, as roll after roll of sod is being laid out on both fields, due north of the parking lot.

Official ground-breaking ceremonies were held at the park just a couple of weeks ago on August 23rd, marking the development of two regulation-sized soccer fields which are adjacent to the two older fields at the east end of the parking lot.  They will be used for practice and youth league programs.

Final Prep Work Underway

Both new fields will be available to the public and one of the fields will be used by the developing soccer team at Lamar Community College next fall, one of the donors to the construction.

Funding for the half a million-dollar project is coming from various grants. Community State Bank contributed $50,000 for a scoreboard and broadcast booth and LCC donated $80,000. The fields will have this fall and early spring to cure the sod which will get it’s first test of a new season in 2022.

Lamar Mayor, Kirk Crespin, said these regulation sized fields will help ensure future visiting teams to the Lamar area for league tournaments.

By Russ Baldwin

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