COVID-19 September 7, 2021 Update from Prowers County Public Health and Environment


The seven-day average Test Positivity rate is 4.51% (goal is <5%). This is down from 9.58% from last week.  There have been fourteen cases in the past seven days and 42 cases in the past fourteen days.

Of this week’s positives, 2 were vaccinated, 12 unvaccinated.  ALL of the hospitalizations and deaths in Prowers County were among the unvaccinated.

To date there have been 1,387 Covid cases in Prowers Count with 100 hospitalizations and 25 deaths.

CURRENT OUTBREAKS: There are NO current active outbreaks in Prowers County!

  • Delta variant has been identified in Prowers County. The sequenced case numbers are updated at: Look for the variant data by county drop down menu.  Sequencing takes several weeks so results are delayed.
  • There are quarantines of PK-12 school students in the county. We are absolutely committed to making all the recommendations we can to keep our kids in person for learning. If we meet our county goal of 70+% vaccinated or if all kids are masked, quarantine is not needed and only positive students will be out of school. Please ask your school about weekly serial testing as the state is offering programs that can help eliminate quarantines in most cases if kids opt-in to be tested regularly.
  • This week we are offering ALL 3 vaccine types Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9-11am and 2-4pm.
  • Booster doses for the general public will be available on or after September 20th
  • Remember that the state Board of Health has mandated that all healthcare and other congregate settings require vaccination series to be started by September 30th. This includes any contractor entering the facility.
  • As of 08/30/2021, 46.3% of eligible Prowers County residents have gotten at least 1 dose of vaccine, up from 45.6% last week. Goal is 70+%.
  • You can get the vaccine in Prowers County at: PCPHE, High Plains Community Health Center, Safeway, and Walmart Pharmacies.

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