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The Lamar City Council combined a planned executive session with a last minute public meeting to discuss the need to purchase a replacement fire truck for the city’s fire department. Fire Chief Jeremy Burkhart explained that the department’s oldest structural fire engine failed its annual pump certification. The unit is 30 years old, at most, ten years past the usual life span of a truck of this nature and he said parts are either no longer being made or are on national backorder. The vehicle is considered a liability as it is unable to perform up to the demands of the department.

After considerable discussion on replacement and financing options, the council voted to purchase a 2021 Pierce Enforcer Demo #35779 at a cost of $590,598. One factor in the decision is the engine is located in Fredrick, Colorado and could be delivered between 30-45 days. A lower priced unit, at $551,855 would take up to 120 days for delivery and is not equipped with a foam system for fire-fighting that would add up to $20,000 on that purchase price. A generator, which was not optioned on either vehicle, will be purchased locally to save on costs.

The lack of a fire engine of this nature would lower the fire department’s overall pumping capacity needed to meet a ISO 3 designation for insurance coverages. The replacement model will fulfill the required pumping capacity for structural protection and maintain the ISO rating.

Two items were on the agenda for the executive sessions; one to deal with negotiations for review of city administrator applications and the other to discuss purchase/sale of city property. No actions were taken at the conclusion of the sessions.

By Russ Baldwin


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