Gov. Polis Announces Boards and Commissions Appointments


Child Support Commission

The commission reviews the child support guidelines and is required to issue a report every four years to the Governor and the General Assembly of the results of the review of child support guidelines and any recommended statutory changes.

effective July 2, 2021 for a term expiring July 1, 2025:
Lanie M. Meyers-Mireles of Lamar, Colorado, to serve as a county administrator, appointed;

Colorado Beef Council Authority Board of Directors

The Council works to promote the increased consumption of Colorado beef. The Board researches beef production methods, advancements and other matters with economic impacts upon the beef industry and makes this information available to interested parties.

effective July 2, 2021 for terms expiring July 1, 2025:
Juan Cocoba of Lamar, Colorado, to serve as an individual actively engaged in the business of feeding cattle and operating a feedlot, and as an Unaffiliated, appointed.


State Board of Land Commissioners

The Board oversees and serves as the trustee for state trust land development and utilization of their natural resources in a manner which will conserve their long-term value.

effective July 1, 2021 for terms expiring June 30, 2025:
Philip Chavez of La Junta, Colorado, to serve as a person with substantial experience in production agriculture, and as a Republican, appointed.


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