To the Editor: Thank You to our Friends and Neighbors:



Our family went through a recent lengthy and devastating health crisis.  We could not have imagined the seriousness of Nick’s illness which began as a minor ailment and rapidly grew to a life or death situation in a span of a few days.  After three weeks of hospitalization, we received the news we were praying for from our doctors and Nick now continues to recover from his hospital stay; is back on his feet and back at work.

In no small way, our friends, family, co-workers and well-wishers who offered their support have all played a role in his recovery and recuperation.  Schedules were altered to help us, people looked in on our house and pets during our absence, we received words and acts of encouragement and personal visits while he was hospitalized.  Our friends at the Lamar Eagles were wonderful with their continued generosity and outpouring of care and concern.

It’s okay to live in a small town especially when you have good friends with big hearts.  We will never forget the many ways in which you helped our family and we offer our thanks for all that you have done.

Nick and Brooke Palmer
Lamar, CO


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