Prowers County Public Health and Environment COVID-19 Update for May 19, 2021




The latest information from the County Public Health Department indicates the seven-day test positivity rate has dropped in the past week, now down to 3.56% from 10.04% registered the week before.  The goal remains at under 5%.  There have been 13 cases of Covid-19 in the past 13 days and 31 cases in the past 14 days in Prowers County.

There are 3 vaccines currently being administered to fight COVID-19. 2 are mRNA and one is an inactive adenovirus type. Both types of vaccine technology are not new.

  • Both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines are mRNA vaccines. COVID is new, but RNA vaccines aren’t. Scientists have been working on mRNA vaccines since the 1990s for diseases like influenza, HIV, Zika, and cancer. The first coronavirus mRNA vaccines were developed 20 years ago against SARS and MERS. mRNA vaccines are easy to manufacture, and they’re easy to update for variants.
  • Just like mRNA vaccines, non-replicating adenovirus vector vaccines deliver the code for Spike protein to your cells. What’s different is the technology used to deliver that code. These vaccines are non-replicating virus vectors, which means they’re not live virus and can’t give you COVID. These vaccines cannot change your DNA.

Where can you get the vaccine in Prowers County? PCPHE, High Plains Community Health Center, Safeway, Walmart and Willow Creek Pharmacies. On weekends the vaccine bus will be here for the next few weeks.

  • The vaccine bus will be in our region on a weekly basis. Come see the bus and the nice staff onboard! No appointment is necessary and walk-ups are welcome! If you want a particular vaccine, an appointment is encouraged so that the staff have enough of the vaccine that you prefer. An appointment is also encouraged for those 12-17 since there is only 1 vaccine approved for this age group. See the bus schedule and schedule appointments here:


  • A review of records for a case in January has attributed a case of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) to Prowers County. This is a condition that is very serious and has been found in children age 2-15. It can cause organ damage.
  • FREE COMMUNITY TESTING for all is available at High Plains Community Health Center Monday thru Friday at 11:00 AM. If you think you may have COVID-19, have been exposed or require testing for any reason, call public health directly at 336-8721 to schedule. If you are having severe symptoms such as significant trouble breathing, etc. call 911.
  • Testing is also available that you can do at home. Information can be found here:
  • Stay home if not feeling well, cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands frequently or use 60+% alcohol-based hand sanitizer, wear a mask/face covering to contain any respiratory droplets and stay at least 6 feet from others. Minimize gatherings.
  • Call with questions or to schedule a testing or vaccine appointment 336-8721

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