Light Plant Coal Conveyer Down, Smoke Stack is Next


Light Plant Repowering Project Under Demolition


Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, told the utility board members that now that the coal conveyer that spanned East Maple Street has been removed, the stacks associated with the Lamar Repowering Project will be the next pieces of equipment that are removed from the area off North Second and Maple Streets.

“You can see the cranes are positioning themselves for the project which will begin by cutting off 25 foot tall sections from the top as they work downwards,” he explained during the board’s May 11th meeting.  Hourieh noted that these segments, including the conveyer housing are being shipped to Arkansas where they will be split lengthwise to be repurposed as culverts.

The paid various purchase orders totaling $687,919.65 or which $671,355.81 required board approval.  This included the April estimate of power purchased by ARPA at $630,597.31.  Monthly bills were approved at $223,255.33.  the board approved the bid from Bell Lumber and Pole for a total of $31,372 for 45 class 2 western red cedar poles to replenish stock inventory.

The board approved a line extension from Riley May for his property ½ mile west of CR LL and 13.  The monthly minimum charge will be $203.68 for a standard five-year period.

Hourieh provided the monthly System Operating Report, noting the 2021 LUB/ARPA annual scholarship process has been completed.  Seven applications were received for the individual $1,000 scholarships from the Lamar Utility Board and ARPA.  This year’s winners are Brailee Crum from Lamar High School and McKenzie C. Kiniston from McClave High School.

Light Plant crews responded to a power outage and replaced a 40-foot wooden pole which was hit by one of the Prowers Aggregate trucks on the service line to their company.  Three 40-foot wooden poles were replaced that had been damaged by high winds on Sunday, May 2nd.  The locations were South Memorial Drive, CR 18 and Highway 196.

The plant’s three wind turbines have generated 2,642.83 MWH’s of electricity for the first quarter of 2021.  The average capacity factor is 26.57% which is approximately 14.21% lower than the same time frame last year. And the capacity factor was also lower by 4.51%.  The decrease is weather-related with less wind registered during that comparative time frame.  The wind turbine crew is starting the semi-annual maintenance an inspection program on all five turbines.  Each unit is shut down for 12 hours on a calm day per G.E. safety guidelines.

Hourieh noted that Governor Polis’s office has decided not to extend Executive Order D2021-074 which had banned the imposition of late and/or reconnection fees for missed utility payments or disconnections.

By Russ Baldwin

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