Lamar Utility Board Wraps up May Meetings



Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, noted that on Tuesday, May 18th, the plant began supplying power to Las Animas and has been asked to do so until September.  The request was made by Arkansas River Power Authority, Black Hills Energy and Tri-State G & T as part of a line upgrade by Black Hills on its 69kv line, a new 115kv line from Boone to La Junta and the addition of a power transformer carrying a peak load of from 7-8 MW’s.  Hourieh noted the wetter, cooler weather so far this spring is a factor for a decrease in irrigation power draw as well as a current, seasonal demand for air conditioning in homes and businesses.

The Board authorized the payment of bills for the month at $667,447.24 including $619,195.77 for the ARPA power purchase.  Purchase orders totaled $47,631.36 of which $31,372 required board authorization. Valmont Utility Poles submitted a winning bid of $21,882 for a half a dozen steel, 65-foot replacement poles.

The April 2021 Financial statement shows cash is up $52,988 from March and accounts receivable increased by $61,398.  Total operating revenue for the month is $1,029,320 against costs of $988,763 for gross operating income of $40,556.  When non-operating revenues and expenses are factored, there is a net loss for the month of $3,385.

When compared to 2020 revenues from retail sales are up approximately $60,608 or 1% comparing April 2021 to last year.  Overall operating expenses are down approximately $31,586 or 1% for a net loss of $189,866 for the year.

The plant crew has completed construction of lines needed to operate the northside of the Lamar Repowering Project that will be operated by North Fork Group.  The next utility board meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 15.

By Russ Baldwin

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